How to Self Publishing Action List Consulting from Karrie Ross

Self Publishing Book Design ACTION LIST Consulting SPECIAL: Confirm where you are in the process. What to do next. Time is a valuable commodity, lets talk and discuss how to use my services.


Here’s a beginning Action List for our conversation:

  1. decided to write a book, subject, research, niche

  2. bought some books , talked to other authors, read some blogs, joined some groups and organizations

  3. started to write and organize, have a first draft

  4. NOW what?

  5. Options: editors, printers, photos, illustrations, designers, marketing …!!


Call me… for a consult on what to do next.


We can either start off with your list or create one together. Either way, I’ll help you get back on track and on your way to taking your book  to publish.

# # #

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