Beginning To Write

Thank you for clicking on my “I Love To Write” ADvertisement. I’m so happy you are making changes in your life where writing can be a part of your future. There are few actions more satisfying than writing a book and seeing it published… if only by you using a self publishing POD printing process.

I am looking forward to hearing all about this years events that John Riddle has planed out. And the possibility to speak at one in the Los Angeles, SoCal area… so if you know of something that is happening, please send me an email to see if I have any open space for your event.

I offer consulting services that might help you on your way to a larger career in writing. Take a look and let me know if there are any questions I can answer for you. I offer a special for the “I Love To Write” at $1 per  minute for up to 15 minutes of questions/answers.

Wishing you success with your writing projects now and future.

Karrie Ross


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