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Mailing Lists for Self Publishers PR and Reviews

Once your book design is done don’t forget to market it…. Magazines, newsletters and newspapers with book review columns. Advertising space is expensive. Editorial space is free. Put together your own list of industry publications to send articles and press releases to and find out who to send review copies of your book. Review copies

Book Cover Design: How Long Does it Take…time?

Time encompasses all parts of our lives. Process depends on time. Time determines what our experience will be. I get asked a lot about time. Especially the time it will take to design the book cover. As you begin the journey of self publishing you enter a new world, one that is exciting and confusing

Are You Looking to Promote Your Book To Reading Groups?

Have you ever belonged to a Readers Group? They can be a great source of sales for your book. I’ve known many people who love their groups and the diversity of books they read and discuss. Some groups pick a book a week while other groups read a book a month…  They still need to

Articles I found in the News

I get sent links all the time and I thought I’d pass this set along to you. Keeping up on what’s going on can add insight to your book promotion ideas or just reference material for conversations and business! – 6 Hilarious Ways Game Designers Are Screwing With Pirates – “Airport Security – A

Web-Presence: A plugin for your WordPress sites that adds a "Related Posts" section to each post.

The “Best Related Posts” plugin to use with your WordPress site is great for promoting more of your book, product and services at the end of each post you make. Why is this a good thing you ask? For your page ranking stats, your SEO of course! Google ranks a website according to how important

Book Design: Now what was that phrase again…? Finding the lost words.

I just heard about this site that finds words that finish phrases for you… all you do is type in the part you remember and a symbol suchs as ?  *  {   }  [  ] and it’s little wheel starts spinning and poof there is a list of completions for you to choose from.

The British Library Presents a Rich History of Science Fiction…

  For those who love the fiction…book.. the Guardian UK put together a visual piece on the exhibition at the British Library spotlighting Science Fiction. By bringing a well rounded appreciation of all books into our lives we get to experience the fullness of the learning they have to give us, either directly or indirectly

Did you know there is a way to assign a ranking to your Online Identity?

I was reading an old magazine and came across this website I’m always amazed at what people come up with to help us along on our internet journey. How to find and determine different statistics, rate our social media status, what color to use on your website for best results and on and on

Barcodes being made without knowing price??

Book Design: Barcodes need a price! When you purchase your ISBNs you might be asked to also have barcodes made. This will cause the barcode to be made with a 90000 number in the place of your price and this might cause problems with distributors and retailers. Barcodes are easy to have made “as you

SEO tips again… I Found a Really Good Article for You to Read

Every once in awhile my radar starts looking at SEO tips just to be sure I’m on top of it and this time I ran across a website that had a really great 79-tips article of easy to understand steps to take.   There is an easy subscribe to the feed through feedburner so if

Book Titles – Where do they come from?

I get asked a lot about book titles, the “How do I develop one and know if it’s a good one?” question. I’ve found when I’m asked to help with the title, I go through a series of questions with the author, digging deep into the why, how, what motivated them to write the book

Accepting Credit Cards from your Cell Phones… technology catching up with our needs! I remember when I couldn’t accept credit cards except with one of those slide over the receipt processors thingys… then there came the electronic readers then online terminals, virtual accounts and all sorts of restrictions on how you can use them… and then if you are out of

Information for getting Celebrity Testimonials

Get those “more-bang-for-your-buck’ testimonials for your back cover…This online database contains contact information for celebrities managers, agents and more…for over 54,000 celebrities and public figures worldwide.

TED: Stories and Writing Fiction

Listening to stories widens the imagination; telling them lets us leap over cultural walls, embrace other experiences, feel what others feel. Elif Shafak talks about how fiction can overcome identity politics. Watch now >>    

Email Marketing Tip regarding Subject line length. This Study Shows…

You might be thinking… I’ll never be doing any email marketing… so what does it matter what I write. Oh, well, there is a science for everything and the people over at mailermailer did a test on email response and subject length. Here is a tip they placed and I copied from… “Tip: There’s

NYT: Books are on a list of "gadgets"… AND they are keepers!! Yay!

I just saw this article from the NYT about the “gadgets we have and accumulate. They make the point that technology is changing so quickly and “fewer products are doing more tasks”. There I was reading through home computers to lose them as they are becoming obsolete and the point-and-shoot camera to lose, I just

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