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Just gave a talk for the local writers group…IWOSC

I just finished a seminar “Book Cover Design and Titles” for the local IWOSC. It was about 2 hours and lots of Q&A and laughing…I’ll be posting parts of the visual and audio… so keep watch for them.

Book Fulfillment & Storage: Warehousing Space

Storage and Fulfillment for Your Books I receive many different emails concerning services and suppliers for self publishing authors and companies. I don’t usually respond but this one is about a subject that has come up for several of my clients in the past so I figured it would be good information for all. I

Promotion: Taking Care of your Audience with Your Blogging.

How many of you have a blog… AND use it regularly? I know this might be an old question for a lot of you and I hope you have a blog going and keep it alive… but for those of you who don’t know the value… A blog can be a win/win all around… for

Interesting "How To" Use Google… Tips that add ease to your life!

When writing your book there are times you need information that you can find on the internet. Google offers several other ways than the commonly known search to find information quickly. By Sharon Housley   NOTE: I received this as an email attachment and all it had was the credit for the author. If this needs

Branding: How to Know if You Need a Brand Consultation and How to Get the Most Out of it.

Can’t get a handle on what’s next? The how to promote your services or how to expand your product base and reach? You’re not alone. Hundreds of books, businesses, products and services are created and fail each year because their creators don’t have a handle on focus, branding direction, promotion and marketing information how-to…or motivation!

Did you know there are "Delivery Charges" for ebooks… What??

As we move along into a world of digital ebooks, there appear new items to keep informed about… PC Pro published an interesting article about “delivery” charges when selling an ebook Kindle version. The main ingredient to be watchful of is how many images you add to your file. You see, images take up more

Using Your Website for Promotion… Do You Have a Website?

Don’t forget to put up a website. I know, you’re thinking “… of course I’ll have a website!” BUT Will that site be working for you… or will you be working for it? Will you be able to maintain the site yourself…or need to hire someone to maintain it? Will it have bells and whistles

Book Design: Numerology and the 2008 Election…What's their Destiny?

Tania Gabrielle’s New Book I just finished the design of Tania Gabrielle’s new book titled “The Unrevealed Secrets of Political Success”, How Names and dates shape United States History. Tania is not only an accomplished Numerologist, she knows how to present the whole story. In her book she talks about the numbers of Barack Obama,

BOOK DESIGN: Why Getting Ownership of Your Cover Design is Important.

Be sure to own your cover files and all art and creative rights… not just copyright.. but actual rights to the work done. Be sure the designer you use is working as work-for-hire…therefore you own the rights to the artwork created. Most designers assign the rights on final payment but some might keep the rights

Book Awards: IPPY Award Show Help Promote Your Book

Award Shows are an inportant part of promoting your book and get recognized. INDEPENDENT PUBLISHER BOOK AWARDS – 67 Categories, 20 Regions, 12 Outstanding Books of the Year – Great Awards ceremony & publicity event during BookExpo America Enter now at: Calling all independent authors and publishers! The annual Independent Publisher Book Awards, conducted to honor

News: Book Award

2011 HOLLYWOOD BOOK FESTIVAL CALL FOR ENTRIES HOLLYWOOD, CA (January 26, 2011) _ The 2011 Hollywood Book Festival has issued a call for entries to its annual program celebrating books that deserve greater recognition from the film, television, game and multimedia communities. The sixth annual event will be held this July in Hollywood, CA. The

Book Cover Design Ideas for Authors About Writing Books!

I get many calls from authors…all writing their ideas, their passion, their life, their experiences. And what the book cover design idea could be for their book. This is one of the most powerful parts of being an author and writing. The act of sharing your stories with the rest of us. The ability to

Book Design: Offering Your Readers Extended Value with Your Book Cover

When designing your book cover be sure you are adding come-back power in your subject. There are 3 Questions to ask when considering what constitutes an artful book cover design? Question one: who is your audience. Question two: creating eye appeal. Question Three: extended value.  Now that we know who the audience is, what the

BOOK DESIGN: 3 Questions to Consider For Creating Artful Book Cover Designs

Book cover design is an art! The art of catching attention, enticing the viewer to pick up your book, buy it and ultimately read it! Taking the time and learning about this art can add to the impact your book will have whether you plan to go the self publishing route or are picked up

BOOK DESIGN: What copy goes on the Copyright page?

The copyright page is the page that follows and prints on the back of your main title page and is where you display the legal part of your self published book. Be sure to check several books in your category and see what they are using on their copyright page and determine what is best

Book Cover Design: ISBN and Barcodes-What & When to Use…

As a self publisher there are many things you’ll need to set up to be a publisher. The first is a thirteen digit number known as the International Standard Book Number (ISBN). The ISBN represents the worldwide identification system that was started in the 1960s and pubilcations are tagged with this number identifying the connection

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