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The Budget of Your Life: by Kenny Soward

If you are tired of being a slave to your debt, then this book is for you. “The Budget of Your Life is a book about owing less and spending well.  It is a book about budgeting.  It is a book about freedom.  Living paycheck to paycheck is not easy.  I have been there, and

In Darkness Light Dawns by Lisa M.S. Barrow

“Speak up for those who cannot speak for themselves.”  —PROVERBS 31:8 Lisa Barrow fights for others. She has taken an uncomfortable situation and created a platform for Workplace Bullying, bring it out of darkness into light through her coaching and consulting ….  and now her book “In Darkness Light Dawns” shares her stories and solutions

The Life of Manny by Ray East

Ray East is an author, speaker and executive leadership coach.  He serves individuals and teams by providing coaching, workshops, strategic planning retreats and conferences. “The greatest leaders in human history all had very different leadership styles, but they all adopted a confident, humble and sometimes subversive way of life. This lifestyle is, without a doubt,

Dissing Xmas by Brenda L. Barnes

Brenda Barnes had a vision she just had to write about… and that vision is “Dissing Xmas” a book of short tips and thoughts for consideration concerning the Holiday season. Her vision took her to an over turned cart of presents…”Dissing Xmas” is short and sweet and many of it’s messages hit home for any

Propology 101 by Greg Palmer

Greg was a pleasure to work with on his book “Propology 101” and his website. He shares his  journey through his own search for a prop-less world. PROPOLOGY: The science or study of the origin, development, organization and functioning of using props to establish ones status, lifestyle, or character, or desired portrayal of such. “My

Advice You Never Asked For… by Elaine E. Bedel, CFP (financial)

This book covers the basics of personal finance—investments, 401(k)s, IRAs, stocks and bonds and estate planning—as well as answering questions targeted to specific times and events in your life and different lifestyles. You’ll find advice regarding: • How to develop your financial game plan • Teaching good financial habits to your kids • Surviving the

Gollywopper II: Fish stories by Myron Bruce

The second book in the series, fishing is one of the oldest tales to tell…and this book has it’s share of some great heart felt and inspiring stories…that are ture. Although, few minor details of fiction have been inserted for connection’s sake or due to lack of memory. “There are still some of the same

Authentic Sensual Living: A book by Charlyn Belluzzo

This is your guide to experiencing life fully through all of your senses. Mastering your ability to “feel” results in enjoying a rich and sensual life. •  The quality of your life is measured in moments of living, not years of life. •  You can experience each moment of your life through all your senses,

Book Awards: IBPA Membership and Benjamin Franklin Awards®

If you are an author who has written a book within the last year, then award shows are something to really consider.  And IBPA is one to look into submitting to. This organization really offers suggestions for the self and small publisher through their library  and other specific mailings through the year. Which helps put

Book Design: "Who Sold My Cheese" A book about sales.

This is a great book by Kirk and Mary Kjelllberg that deals with the art of sales and creating the relationships necessary for sales success. Told in a story within a story format this book hits the spot. I enjoyed working with Kirk and Mary on the cover and interior design of this book. If

Book Design & Writing: How to Take Research and Make it into a Book…

Now that you have the outline, table of contents or back cover copy. Start taking notes, cut statements from magizines etc. and put them into which ever organization system you choose to create. Take advantage of moments of stillness, waiting rooms, restaurants when you are alone, business trips etc to address the subject matter. Strike

Book Design & Writing: How to Organize Your Materials…

Sounds simple enough…maybe. When I started writing my books I gathered all the ‘stuff’ I’d been collecting for years and put it in stacks. That didn’t work. So I wrote up an outline and separated the stacks into each of the chapters and created subheads. This worked for a few books, then I got stuck…so

Book Design: Can writing the back cover help write the book?

For all of you who are struggling with either writing a book or the back cover copy… the answer is yes, I believe if you write the back cover copy first it can help with your book outline as well as the book outline helping with the back cover copy… they help eachother. Think about

Book Design: 5 Things to Know About Picking Your Book Subject…

First to be a writer ask yourself…What are your taltents? What do you want to do or what interests you? Do you enjoy writing or are you looking for a ghost writer to help you along? What motivates you? How will you use this book you will be writing and why? Once you’ve figured out

Book Design: Book Publishing and the Holiday Season…

Fellow authors, the printing business traditionally closes down during the Holidays as do most businesses. So be sure to contact your printer(s) to see what their holiday schedule is and if it will slow down the production of your book or CD/DVDs. A good rule of thumb is to plan for this time of year

Book Fulfillment & Storage: Warehousing Space

Storage and Fulfillment for Your Books I receive many different emails concerning services and suppliers for self publishing authors and companies. I don’t usually respond but this one is about a subject that has come up for several of my clients in the past so I figured it would be good information for all. I

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