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Using cartoons in your book cover design

Book Design: Use of Cartoons MORE THAN MEETS THE EYE!! Your book cover is more than you see…it’s what you think as well. More than once a new publisher has come

Labyrinth of Books on dislpay at London 2012 Festival

Amazing book installation using 250,000 books was seen at the London 2012 Festival. This installation was organized by Brazilian artists Marcos Saboya and Gualter Pupo. For the past year or so I’ve been seeing more and more installation art projects using books, this one is unique in that you can participate in it… walk it,

Making the most of your Book Cover Design

Another suggestion on how to make you book stand out from the others… use different paper types, embossing, foil stamping, die cuts, and special PMS call out colors all help make your cover be noticed. Quality perceived and real is worth every cent you might spend on the process…so when having your cover designed, ask

Tips: Copyright info; printing post cards etc.; sending fax changes…

Here are a few tips about anything book or business…of course there are a lot more… and please write them in the comments section below. It’s always nice to share your knowledge. 1. when you send changes marked up ready to fax… be sure to use black ink. If you use blue or pencil the

How Do I Find A Great Title For My Book?

Finding a great title for your book can be one of the most challenging yet satisfying processes you will go through. The title is the purpose of your book and very important that it presents your book’s subject in the best way possible. It needs to grab your audiences attention, make them question and think

Some interesting facts about margins on the interior of your book.

What is a margin? It’s the space between the trim edge and the text box copy area.  They border your text box at the top, bottom, outside and inside or gutter edge. This is what I consider ‘white-space’ and helps keep the text in a safe space called the “live area” of the layout file.

Book Design: Setting your production schedule…"sounds like magic!"

Just heard back from a client today, they have pushed their launch date to February… the first words of the email were, “Sounds like magic. all except for the ‘things that happen’ part.” Setting a schedule with dates on a list is a great way to handle your books’ progress. You have the opportunity to

Creative Discussion. What is it and how important is it for your designer to get you to the right place where it happens.

Creativity…that elusive quality of being able to see things from different perspectives and extend into physically visual representations of a feeling or to motivate and inspire a desired action/reaction. An ability to ‘get into’ the thinking/responding of another, first the client, then their audience. Just like learning to play a piano it takes years of

CBS and "Judging Books by Their Covers"…are they going away?

A friend just sent me a link to a CBS Sunday Morning show: “Judging Books by Their Covers” about the future of Book Cover Design. Believe me, this is an important subject for me … I too agree that the art of book cover designing will not be going away anytime soon. Think about it,

Want to get your book into the Library Catalog? PCN or LCCN and Copyright links

The Library of Congress has a cataloging system… PCN and LCCN. There is an application to participate you’ll need to apply here You might want to take a look at this now so by the time your book is done you’ll have your numbers and be ready to go. The below copy is taken from

Book Design and Writing: Using Stories in your writing…

When you are in the process of collecting resources and data, don’t forget to write about yours or others experiences, stories leave a profound impression on your readers minds. Your stories will influence them more because they are able to relate to them. Some ways to use stories: open the chapter with one that best

Celebrity Testimonials

Celebrity TestimonialsBook Design: Celebrity TestimonialsGet those “more-bang-for-your-buck’ testimonials for your back cover…This online database contains contact information for celebrities managers, agents and more…for over 54,000 celebrities and public figures worldwide.

Social Media, Creating a Connection

Creating a connection with your friends on facebook. My breakfast post got both likes and comments, the numbers could have increased if I had more time to dialogue today with the people that “liked” it. Posting this was easy to do. I took the photo with my iphone, then used  my facebook app to upload,

Childrens Books – writing and illustrating

Other related subject: Childrens Books I just found the neatest group for those of us who dabble in writing… childrens books! It’s a national organization as well as local groups. They are SCBWI, the Society of Children’s Book Writers and Illustrators They offer events, discussion boards, local groups and lots of other things that can

Book Cover Dustjacket Design

Book Design: Paper choice for Book Cover When designing your book cover consider the Paper you’ll use. Most are glossy, laminate, UV, etc., but have you really looked and felt them all…? Some are a delightful linen or uncoated stock that for, the right book, can really bring home another ‘sense’ to the reader. And

Typefaces and the readability of your interior

The interior of your book is just as important as the cover. Once your book is purchased you’ll need to hold the readers attention. Certainly good content has a lot to do with it. Good editing and proofing as well. But the real reading is done from the type that is set… formatted, sized and

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