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Zipping or Unzipping a file…

—————————–——- Do you have trouble zipping OR unzipping a file…. Here are two choices  both companies offer a MAC and PC version ———— WinZip:  they offer free and fee versions ————- Most MACs used to come with Stuffit which now is $29.99  AND is worth the investment if you don’t have it already.

Wayback, the website that archives old information.

I ran across this website a few years ago, thought it was fun, then forgot about it until I was doing research on a designer… and there it was, the information I wanted in Wayback’s archives. So I figured I would pass the information along to you. —– —– The text on their home page

Book Design: The 2008 Olympics and What It Has in Common with Writing…

It seems like the Olympic trials 2008 was just yesterday, yet it was weeks away. It comes every 4 years and we all gather around watching top athletes do their thing… their passion and excellence showing in every breath they take. They’ve worked hard for this, studied, researched and practiced over and over the skills

One Stop Shopping… really? The delimma of the Book Designer in changing times.

Dilemma? Well maybe more of “am I ready to or do I even have to … do it all?” question. Technology is keeping us book designers on our toes as it does with many other professions. I’ve seen solo designer businesses now create the look of a “company” that offers the variety of services that

News: An interesting article from "The Authors Guild" and the Publishing Ecosystem…

I like to keep up on what’s going on in the industry… sometimes I find an article that is interesting. Since there are so many things happening with the book, ebook, reader world of publishing I thought I’d pass this along to you. Publishing’s Ecosystem on the Brink: The Backstory

Book Design: 7 Questions to Ask For What to Do About the Sales and Promoting of Your Book…

What is it about the prospect of having to sell and promote our new book design that makes us think we don’t know anything? We wake up to the process of sales every day. It begins with us asking what we’re going to wear and progresses into who we talk to at work. The process

Book Design & Writing: Happy New Year! It's Time to Write…

May the new year bring you many new experiences. What was last year about for you? What was the most exciting experience? Did you write about it? Is it part of your existing book? Books come from all around us, the places we go, the things we do, the people we know. Start that book

Reviews…how they help move your book sales

Amazon and most other book sales sites depend on the reveiws buyers give to the books that are listed…so…list some…there is absolutely no reason why you shouldn’t post a review of your own book! Extend your opinion to possible readers…don’t let your book just sit there waiting for a review…take the initiative and put the

Book Design: The Benefit to Filling a Lightbox…

There are lots of photo sites out there… both royalty free and pay for use. When taking on your own graphic design project, whether it be a self publishing book, brochure, or website, unless we take the photots ourselves, we need images to give our project that extra push. How to use a photo site

Want book sales? Get yourself a 'Platform'

Is there a realistic formula to generating substantial book sales without a gazillion dollar marketing campaign or a rave reveiw from Oprah? There is, and it amounts to building a “platform” – industry lingo for a regular column, blog, newsletter, or seminar that allow an author to pitch to a ready-made audience. An increasing number

Places to get Publicity for your eBook….

Ebook Awards Bring Publicity to Your Ebook,201136707.aspx Dan Poynter’s Global eBook Awards Open to entries until June 30. eBooks in the English language from any country. EPIC’s eBook Awards(TM) Open to entries from June 1 to July 15. Entries must be published in English and released for sale between June 1 of the

Book Schedule: Are You Allowing Enough Time? How to Figure Out Your Timeline…

Time. There it is. Everything needs time, it doesn’t just happen over night. Start with your preferred date of release and work backwards through what needs to be done. Your list will look something like this: Release Date: the day your book is for sale Shipping: allow at least 2 weeks depending on quantity and

Obama Speech: Talking Speaker of the event….

No one can deny how amazing it is that 2 million showed up for the swearing in of our new President Barack Obama, it was an event to be watched. There is a company, who takes recordings and then turns them into promotional vehicles for your product, service or business. Here is one he

Using Social Media to cross-promote You…

I just ran across this post about “13 ways to cross-promote on social media sites”   Joan Stewart has what she calls “digital bread crumbs” for friends and fans to follow… this is in the social media we choose to use. One of the important things to remember in any social media experience is… the

Book Design: Should You Become a Self Published Author?

Becoming a self published author can be very rewarding. It’s not difficult, especially if you look at what it takes to write a book! Which, with the proper motivation and research, isn’t that difficult either. However,it does take a certain amount of commitment to get going. So here are a few tips I’ve learned to

Book Design & Marketing: Seth Godin and how to get their attention…?

There is a reason this man sells so many books in his field… This is all about niches and why…it’s about how do you see your product, book, or service… it’s about learning to get into the listening of your specific audience… what are you going to do now? Remember, do something every day toward

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