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Your Manuscript…typing not like it used to be…!

When we were taught typing on a regular typewritter we were told to double space after a period "." but with computers this might cause problems when typesetting your book with a professional designer. You see, type is programmed to allow extra space automatically after periods and if you put in two spaces then you might have more space than you need depending on the final typeface being used. I find that omitting the extra space helps the manuscript read better. However, I do suggest you keep...

Whatcha gonna do with your Blog?

USE IT of course!! Blogs/blogging is an invaluable tool for any business looking to generate attention. Remember that blogs have RSS feeds and you can follow them through a Reader. This link will introduce you to some suggestions for RSS readers. And Google Reader is a choice too. For your own blog, get a listing on Technorati which is a good place to also search for blogs in your industry, category, sphere of interest. AND...

Reproducing Charts, Graphs and Tables in your book

Most manuscripts I receive have the charts, graphs, tables already made exactly the way the author wants them so sometimes redoing them can be not only costly but unsettling. Most of the time they are able to be exported from MS Word, Excel or Corel as jpgs or eps files exactly the way they were created and look good in reproduction. Bulleted and numbered lists, fractions, special characters would be good to be tagged/notated on your final manuscript to your designer. Be sure to consult with...

Self Publishing: the LCCN or Library of Congress Control Number

The LCCN or PCN is a number that is assigned to your book and appears on the copyright page. This is the reference number that is found on your book's Library Catalog Card for location. This number is important if you are looking to sell your books to libraries and is best to apply for before your book is published so it can go on the copyright page. Contact the Copyright Office at or There is an application and account set up that needs to be done...

The How To Of Knowing Your Audience For Your Book Cover Design

When designing your book cover the first part of the puzzle is to know your audience. This is the first in a series of three articles based on creating an artful cover, motivating title, and return value-added information to increase the promotion for your books’ sales. Learning who the books' audience is and what's their focus is the first part of the information we put into the recipe of designing the cover. I look at each book cover as a puzzle and it's up to me, through questioning, to...

Effective book marketing

Magazine, Newspaper, mailers, and Television advertising is expensive. More often than not, it's also fruitless for most first-time authors. The return on investment for these forms of book marketing is usually dismal without a brand name or established hype to supplement it. The general exception to this, is in support of scheduled personal appearances such as book signings or speaking engagements. Websites on the other hand, can be very inexpensive to build and maintain, and if done right...

Is Your Book Cover Compelling and Interesting?

Wow! Now there’s a question for you. “Is Your Book Cover Compelling and Interesting?” Just what does that mean and how do you know it’s working? Here are some items to consider about having a compelling cover:
  • Do you want to keep looking at it in such a way as it encourages you to open the book?
  • Does it project the emotion you need

Printed books still big with Kids at bedtime.

Printed books, not dead yet! With all the play ebooks are getting lately, you'd think that printed, physical or pbooks are a thing of the past... thank goodness they are not... at least according to this report. ebooks / pbooks???

Book Design: What's in a Books Title?

Another conversation happened this morning with a loverly person about the title and image to use for their book cover. This is something that the author brings with them, the parts and pieces to the discussion and I play the devils advocate and asker-of-many-questions that will lead us to the final solution. That's what  it's about, really. Solution. The combination of the author and the designer together collaborating toward the best words and visual and direction...

Book Design & Writing: Using Stories in your writing…

When you are in the process of collecting resources and data, don't forget to write about yours or others experiences, stories leave a profound impression on your readers minds. Your stories will influence them more because they are able to relate to them. Some ways to

Book Reviews – another way to back links and more PR for your Book

In a world run by back-links and opinions of others, sometimes it pays to pay for the exposure, AND there are free reviewer services as well, both when used might/can eventually lead to free PR or requests to be interviewed or expert opinions on the news. The more we make ourselves look good the more we are seen that way. And

Book Design: Promoting Your Book With Articles

How does one promote their book? “Persistence and determination” are the best ways. I suggest you plan to do two or three things on an ongoing basis, you’ll find this will eventually bring you the notoriety you are looking for. Articles are some of the first and best ways for getting noticed. The 5 Tip format is as follow: 1. create an outline - list several important points of relatedness from your book to current news and events 2. create a title that covers...

After a Holiday… What's your next step?

Did you write over the holidays? Did you do any research for a printer or the other items you will need to organize for the book? I recently read somewhere that "writers block" didn't exist before the early 1900's, that writers just wrote, it was a hobby, an escape and fun. I'm thinking that for some of

Mobile Ads Apps and the Future… where it's at and what it means

I have a smart phone. Or that is what it's called. I have apps, both fee and free. The free might not really be free just like free email services that then you have to put up with ads and pop ups, but's free, right? So how does that impact our future, the way we might do business down the road once the book is published. How can this work for you? What is out there by way of technology? How can you make fit into it or it into you? I found the article by Jim Edwards at

BOOK DESIGN: How to determine the Best Size for Your Book.

“What size do I make my book?” I get asked this question a lot. Usually the book size depends on the type of book you are writing, not just non-fiction or fiction but subject matter and distribution takes play in your decision as well… and there are exceptions to the rule for those rare few authors who want a more unique looking book. Finding the time to research your market and get info from others can help you determine the best way to go. I offer consulting sessions for self publishing...

Book Design Terms Defined

Every skill has it's own language. Here are some common terms you might not be aware of their meaning. 1. Barcode / ISBN: a barcode is made from your ISBN and identifies/connects your book, ebook, audio book to the publisher. It will usually contain the price. 2. Complete Ownership of Book Design: it is important for the author to know that they have the rights to the final creative concept, title design configuration, and all files used in their book.
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