'82 Mystery by Richard Wood

82mystery_med3DRichards enthusiasm reflects his passion for writing and reading. His creativity has extended to a new concept that actually intends to get young adults to read and participate in the story…  ’82 Mystery “Nothing is more dangerous than the human mind.”

Based on a true experience, the novel, ’82 Mystery, recounts a story of life and death dealing with drugs, tragedy, and secrets that must be kept, taking place in Massachusetts during the ‘80’s.

The author, R.M. Wood, from a love of reading, has created a website that is geared to promote the novel and reward those who interact with the website with a cash prize.  Those who log on to the website score points for leaving comments, posting reviews, and taking part in many other activities.  On a given date, whoever has the most points wins a cash prize. —Richard Wood, Author

ISBN:  978-0-692-00454-8

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