Authentic Sensual Living: A book by Charlyn Belluzzo

ASL_med3DThis is your guide to experiencing life fully through all of your senses. Mastering your ability to “feel” results in enjoying a rich and sensual life.
•  The quality of your life is measured in moments of living, not years of life.
•  You can experience each moment of your life through all your senses, often on multiple levels at the very same time.

“The quality of your life is measured moment to moment. Experience its richness now, for in the next moment, it may all be gone. Waves of change crash in on us continually during the course of our lives. Some waves we welcome as positive change and some are less pleasant, bringing hardship or sorrow. The richness of life is a swinging pendulum; both bitter and sweet situations add spice and balance to our human existence.” —Charlyn Belluzzo, author, Amorosa Bella, “Authentic Sensual Living” ISBN 13: 978-0-578-03204-7

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