Book Awards: IBPA Membership and Benjamin Franklin Awards®

lnavpmalogoIf you are an author who has written a book within the last year, then award shows are something to really consider.  And IBPA is one to look into submitting to. This organization really offers suggestions for the self and small publisher through their library  and other specific mailings through the year. Which helps put your book out into the places for it to be seen.

I was pleasently surprised when with my membership I started receiving notices to teleseminar events the organization puts on that are full of infomation  new authors can use. And after I had submitted my book to their awards show the Benjamin Franklin Awards competition, later in the year I received in the mail the three evaluations of my book from the show judges for my category, which I found very helpful. Yes, it’s after I’ve written the book, but the evaluations gave me some good pointers if I were looking to do a second printing.

I also started receiving requests for my book from newspaper and magazine reviewers. Yes! this is something we are all looking for when we write a book and these were due to the IBPA agressive mailings etc.

The Annual IBPA Benjamin Franklin Awards® competition for excellence in publishing includes fifty plus categories,recognizing excellence in both editorial and design, and is regarded as one of the highest national honors in independent book publishing. You can find more information at

There are many other award shows out there, this is one of the more prominant and deffinately one that is to be considered.

Remember to do something every day toward your book and promotion

Karrie Ross
Your Book Cover Designer and Promotion


What has your experience been with IBPA, Benjamin Franklin Awards or other awards shows?