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“Together we’ll explore systems and develop a process to help you move
through what is stopping
you from getting where you want to go.”

Publishing, Promotion, Social Media, Business Marketing, and more…

Customized coaching and consulting for Authors, Speakers and Small Businesses

Let me help you get a handle on YOUR what’s next. The how to promote your book, website, services or expand your product base and reach?


What are your most pressing questions?

Let me help you get to where you want to go.

  1. Do you have a book waiting to be published?
  2. Does it seem like you are searching endlessly for direction … need a little guidance?
  3. Budget concerns? How to Plan.
  4. Having a hard time finding time to write?
  5. You have a book, but have no idea how to promote it… website, etc?
  6. Feeling overwhelmed …?
  7. What is your dream?

ACTION LIST  Consulting: Lets develop a beginning you can grow… lists are what I use to get me started and we all know once the list is written out the next action is to start checking off the “To Do’s”.

Use my consulting services to get you started.

  1. General Guidance book shepherd and publishing process.
  2. How to’s : Social Media; Articles and blogging processes.
  3. Maintaining a consistent presentation.
  4. Set up and maintain your own website and develop a Web-Presence
  5. Have me review & critique existing book, website and focus.
  6. Title and Sub-title development.
  7. Creative Discussion explore solutions
  8. Review and critique existing book, focus, content.
  9. What is your brand? Create a good hair-day everyday.

I’ve been there and am here to guide you through the tough times. I listen and make suggestions, explain process. We move at YOUR speed allowing you to gain the confidence it takes to continue…and finalize your book, product or service.

Lets have a conversation, and get the ball rolling.

My background is over 30 years in marketing, merchandising, advertising and design. I’ve been in the self publishing industry guiding and coaching authors since 1998. And I’m absolutely passionate about helping you achieve your dream… that’s what I do.

If your book is the keystone for your business, we can discuss how that works. How to set up your website for best presenting you and your concept. The action of branding can get confusing… keeping all the parts where they need to be.

That is how I help.

Contact me to begin your Consulting session.

  1. Each session is pre-scheduled… and recorded
  2. We start with a list of questions that you send me as a guide so we pin-point what’s most important.
  3. Our conversation will take it’s own path but it’s important that we have a beginning place.I talk fast, that’s why I record the sessions…
  4. I will hit all the important points and you’re sure to receive more than your money’s worth.

Call to set up your session today.

Contact me for more information Calif. time M-F, 9-5pm or email me.
Note: If requested, each session is recorded and will be available for you to download.

$125 for 30 minutes
$250 for 60 minutes – one full hour
Please let me know if you would like to have the session recorded.

Payments are accepted through paypal and can be made on the spot so the consulting session can start immediately if necessary

If you don’t find the answer to your questions here, please Contact me and lets start your project
CTA Certified

The action of constantly educating yourself will help you move faster. The time we spend with your questions will better focus the direction you choose to take…

“Karrie Ross was a GOD send to us when we consulted with her on product organization and visual direction. She followed through for several months – guiding our business development and product presentation while designing advertising campaigns.Her expertise and guidance saved us hours of research and put us on the right path to launch a successful publishing company. Our printed organizing binders and books are now available in book stores nationwide, (through Chicken Soup for the Soul), as well as on our web site”—Debby Bitticks, CEO, Delphi Health Products, Inc.
Product, merchandising, development, marketing and branding Consultation:
Time Efficiency - Book Cover Design
As seen on Dr. Phil 2006

“I had been looking for help with the interior design of my book. After working down to my short list I chose to go with Karrie based on a strong recommendation from Dan Poynter.Karrie was very pleasant, intelligent, professional, and great to work with. I have worked with a lot of high level professionals in my career and Karrie is one of those diamonds in the rough who has found her niche. I am blessed to have found her and to have had her work with me on my book project.On our call, she brought out the core message and helped put my book together in a way that made much more sense structurally and it is much more visually pleasing than it was before.Karrie provided me with a recording of our phone consultation, it really helped to be able to listen back through the conversation and make sure I had everything right for publishing.I’m glad I made the decision to have Karrie help me with the interior design of my book. Finding Time For Fitness NOW!, was my first book and I needed lots of help. My book is 10,000 light years from where it was when I got help from Karrie!!! The entire experience was phenomenal,I feel like she helped me grow as a self-published author. I will definitely be working with her on my next book.”

—Hank Uhlaender

Book Interior Design Consultation:

Client looking for title, sub-title, interior design, layout, organization guidance:
Fitness Book Cover
Dieting Book Cover

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If you don’t find the answer to your questions here, please Contact me and lets start your project today.

Contact Karrie Ross Book Cover Designer, credit cards accepted. Phone: 424-340-2000; Los Angeles, CA