Book Cover Design: How Long Does it Take…time?

Time encompasses all parts of our lives. Process depends on time. Time determines what our experience will be.
I get asked a lot about time. Especially the time it will take to design the book cover.

As you begin the journey of self publishing you enter a new world, one that is exciting and confusing at the same time. You are learning all the new words and meanings…then… it’s time for the book cover design and there is more information this time specific to design, technology and process specifics.

You learn that there is a process of design. Of concept. Of experience. Each book has a life. This life is created within the writing of its pages and the mind of the author. The author relates their vision to the designer. Depending on how specific this vision is will determine the time it will take for your cover to become real. Some covers will take 7 days, others 3 weeks.

Together we’ll talk about the final result the author wants, who they want to see it and ead it. How it will impact their business…

This time designing a book cover can be a time of excitement. A time of learning about the new terms and technology. A time when any anxiety you might have going on will disappear by the time the process is complete, and it will become an experience you’ll be happy to experience again.