BOOK DESIGN: 3 Questions to Consider For Creating Artful Book Cover Designs

Book cover design is an art! The art of catching attention, enticing the viewer to pick up your book, buy it and ultimately read it! Taking the time and learning about this art can add to the impact your book will have whether you plan to go the self publishing route or are picked up by a major publisher. All of this equates out into perceived value and the know, like and trust factor your cover creates for its market banding.

Good book cover design helps sell books! This is why we go to such lengths to have them professionally designed. I’ve been asked many times my professional opinion on if I thought a book cover was good or bad… to which I respond, they are different. That good or bad is subjective to the viewer. However, there are elements, when used or not used, that can be considered good or bad.

Here are 3 Questions to ask yourself when considering what constitutes an artful book cover design?

  1. What is its eye appeal? Selecting the appropriate color, typeface and image for your audience will increase pick-up value.
  2. Who is your audience? By knowing what your audience likes, where their attention goes, you are able to write a title and sub-title that will fit their listening.
  3. Does your subject have ‘come-back-power’? An added value to your readers is if they can continue to learn from you over time.

So in the process of creating an artful book cover design, a professional book cover designer uses every bit of knowledge they can so that the cover has immediate appeal to the viewer. There are so many books out there today where the value of being transparent and available over time is considered a plus. More  information on book design.

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