Book Design: 5 Things to Know About Picking Your Book Subject…

First to be a writer ask yourself…What are your taltents? What do you want to do or what interests you? Do you enjoy writing or are you looking for a ghost writer to help you along? What motivates you? How will you use this book you will be writing and why? Once you’ve figured out your motives move on to this next step.

Here are 5 things to consider when writing a non-fiction book.

1. Do you have a subject you are just edging to write about and share your experiences?
2. Do you have the expert knowledge to write on this subject.
3. Is this a broad subject or does it pertain to a niche audience
4. Do you know how to reach this niche? Is it easy?
5. Do you know how many people are in this niche and it’s close interest groups?

Once you can answer these questions, you’ll know if this is a subject that will bring you want you are looking for… oh, yes another question…What are you looking for from this book?

Remember, do something every day toward your book and promotion
Karrie Ross
Your Book Designer
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