Book Design and Spines…

The spine is the smallest part of your book marketing. Depending on the number of pages you write will determine the size of your spine.

Some suggestions for your spine:

1. Make it a different color than your front cover

2. Use a photo at the top

3. Make it easy to read

4. Place a publisher logo at the base

5. If you have a wide enough spine, have the information show in the normal read position not turned vertically

Spine measurements are determined by the number of pages and the paper width. Cream color tends to be thicker than white. If you use an offset printer you’ll have a more diverse selection of paper to use. If you us a POD printer your selection might not be so diverse.

Let me know your thoughts.

Karrie Ross
Book Cover Designer

1 thought on “Book Design and Spines…

  1. Karrie Ross

    Afraid it does. I suggest you check out the pricing on the Print-on-demand (POD) printers. This way you can print 1 or more books… at a set price per book, but you can always go to offset if your print runs increase. and are two that a lot of my clients use. And I printed a 130 page paperback book for $2.80 each, to give you an idea of pricing.
    Hope this helps and best success.
    Karrie Ross

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