Book Design: Beginning Tips for How to Write Your Book…

You have an idea for a book. Now What? Let’s explore what it takes to write a book. Keep in mind that there are many different ways to begin writing a book and there have been many books writen on the subject. So if my article hits home in even a little way… research what’s out there for more information and start today… following your dream!

Here are a few beginning tips to writing your book:

1. What are your strengths? Take your best strength and begin there and figure out how to get the rest done through other vendor services.

2. Pick the type of book you’ll write:

–Non-fiction: how to books, self improvement, hobbies, psychology, coaching, tips

–Fiction: mystery, who-done-it, fantasy, science fiction, romance

3. Pick a subject – something that you and others will be interested in learning more about. Maybe you have a business service you want to promote or a new profession you are learning about and want to share the knowledge you are learning.

4. Create an outline – This becomes your table of contents that you’ll write into.

5. Start organizing information – One of the best ways I’ve used is to create a three ring binder with divider pages that have pockets and start organizing your clippings or notes you take as thoughts come to you.

These are just a few beginning tips to get you started. While you are in this creation mode, be sure to keep an eye out for possible titles and subtitle opportunities as well as design elements you like that other authors have taken advantage of… these are all input you can relate to your book cover designer when the time comes to design your book.