Book Design: Does my eBook Need to be Protected?

Do you have a Kindle? I’ve been told that the fate of the printed book might be in danger!

I’m not sure I believe that, but, as a self publisher we need to be on top of the newest trends… and one of those trends is making our books available in eBook form to be read on the computer or other devices.

Then the question arises, do I protect it with a password? And is that password buyer specific or book specific? Should I be concerned about thieft and multiple reproductions?

My answer is only from my personal experience, please always be sure to research your answers on your own as well. When I make eBooks for my book design clients, I make sure they are locked in every way except for being able to print, but I don’t usually install a password for them to be accessed.

Why… you might ask? I believe that we loose things, we forget we have things and any information that goes with them. Oh sure, there are some of us that keep great notes and records…but, If I have to have a password to open an ebook no matter how great the info, I usually loose the password, I don’t know, is that Murphy’s Law? [smile]

And if by chance I’m not being allowed to print it and only allowed to read it on line and need to remember user and password, please give me my money back!!

Now about the chances of anyone stealing your info… well, do you do research, do you consider that stealing? What is stealing anyways? We can buy printed books and look at them just like we look at ebooks and if we want the info bad enough, we’ll reword it and type it and put it in our books.

As far as using the ebook to print pirated books? Most ebooks are created at 72 dpi, very low resolution and printed books look best at 300dpi… but, of course if someone wants to print you book, they will find a way no matter if it’s your printed or ebook version they start off with.

So, to sum this up my advice is, after much running around like a chicken with my head cut off and many paranoid wakeful thought madening nights without sleeping for this fear…

I’ve finally come to the conclusion that as long as I make sure to make the ebook only able to be printed that “what will be will be…” All my work is copyrighted and so stated within the book. All standard copyright laws are the same for both printed or digital books.

Always check with the Library of Congress Literary Copyright page for best copyright information.

I say, take a deep breath, be happy you have a great book with great information that others want to read and remember. Put that buy button on your website and sell, sell, sell!