Book Design: Numerology and the 2008 Election…What's their Destiny?

Tania Gabrielle’s New Book

I just finished the design of Tania Gabrielle’s new book titled
“The Unrevealed Secrets of Political Success”
How Names and dates shape United States History.

Tania is not only an accomplished Numerologist, she knows how to present the whole story. In her book she talks about the numbers of Barack Obama, John McCain, Hillary Clinton, John F. Kennedy, Abraham Lincoln and mentions many other people who have influenced American Politics. She ties them in with the numbers of each other and the numbers of the United States and explains how it all fits together… or not!

This book is full of info and an interesting way of looking at how numbers show up in our lives. It’s deffinately a book to buy with the 2008 Presidential Elections coming soon.

This book is available on Amazon, ISBN: 978-0-9820880-6-7, $15.99

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Karrie Ross
Your Book Designer