Book Design: Printing; POD Printer; POD Publisher explained.

This post is a very generalized basic and brief explanation of the following services: Printer; POD Printer; and POD Publisher.

  1. Printer: Offset; traditional presses and processes; better pricing for large quantity print runs; greater diversity of inks / metalics / fluorescents, etc., wide paper selection, design embellishments like embossing, die-cuts, etc.; wider range of size or binding options; longer turn-around to finished book.
  2. POD Printer: digital; hi-end electronic machines; usually limited paper choices and only standard color inks; no embellishments; set selection of book sizes and binding options available, shorter turn-around for printed book; some offer fulfillment for online sales.
  3. POD Publisher: offers package deals that include cover and interior design, printing, marketing and promotion for your book. Different pricing applied to each package. Usually offers POD printing, offset will depend on publisher selected.