Book Design: Promoting Your Book With Articles

How does one promote their book? “Persistence and determination” are the best ways.
I suggest you plan to do two or three things on an ongoing basis, you’ll find this will eventually bring you the notoriety you are looking for.

Articles are some of the first and best ways for getting noticed.

The 5 Tip format is as follow:
1. create an outline – list several important points of relatedness from your book to current news and events
2. create a title that covers several keywords relating to the subject you’ve chosen
3. think about what is next for your audience to be interested in
4. take your list and explain 2-3 of the points in greater detail
5. determine what your audiences’ desires are and write a little about how your book can help

People want more information, and if you offer them easy ways to get it, they will respond with interest.

No matter what your subject, writing articles will help you take the first step to promoting your book.

Finding the time to research your market and get info from others can help you determine the best ways to move forward. I offer consulting sessions for self publishing authors with topics of discussion on; book size, promotion, branding and marketing and answer the important questions you might have.

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