Book Design: Should You Become a Self Published Author?

Becoming a self published author can be very rewarding. It’s not difficult, especially if you look at what it takes to write a book! Which, with the proper motivation and research, isn’t that difficult either. However,it does take a certain amount of commitment to get going. So here are a few tips I’ve learned to help you on your way.

First a little history of self publishing, according to information from “Dan Poynter’s Self Publishing Manual,” Mark Twain, Zane Grey, James Joyce and several others all self published! Its worked for them and with a little hard, yet interesting work, it can work for you too!

Here are some sure fire Incentives for becoming a self published author:

1. Control: As mentioned above, you’ll be the one incharge of all the parts, design which means you’ll have control of the way your book cover design and interior formatting will look, editing, printing, and public relations.

2. Money and speed: You’ll make a larger profit on each sale of your book as well as get it published faster.

3. Tax advantages: Becoming a publisher is opening a business and be sure to ask your accountant about the deductions you can take.

4. Recognition: A book is the biggest business card you can make! Your own book will put you in the category of expert and will open up speaking engagements and build self esteem.

5. Challenge: becoming a self publisher will grow your knowledge and view of the world. The feeling of accomplishment you’ll feel is priceless.

Now the only question is, “Should You Self Publish Your Book? Contact me for a personal consult and receive the Self Publishing Tips booklet when you reserve your hour.