Book Design: What's in a Books Title?

bookdesign_3d_iconAnother conversation happened this morning with a loverly person about the title and image to use for their book cover.

This is something that the author brings with them, the parts and pieces to the discussion and I play the devils advocate and asker-of-many-questions that will lead us to the final solution.

That’s what  it’s about, really. Solution. The combination of the author and the designer together collaborating toward the best words and visual and direction for the book design. It can sometimes seem like magic when it happens. And it’s also a process of discovery. I’ve been through it many times…and find it stimulating.

Book titles are intended to catch your attention and stimulate your mind to the wonder of … “What?” and for you to then open the book for more info.

Finding the time to research your market and get info from others can help you determining the best ways to move forward. I offer consulting/coaching sessions with a focus on title and subtitle development,  book design, book promotion, book marketing and branding.


What has your experience been with creating a title for your book, product or company?