Book Design & Writing: How to Organize Your Materials…

Sounds simple enough…maybe. When I started writing my books I gathered all the ‘stuff’ I’d been collecting for years and put it in stacks. That didn’t work. So I wrote up an outline and separated the stacks into each of the chapters and created subheads. This worked for a few books, then I got stuck…so someone suggested I dictate because they felt it was easier for me to talk it and once it was transcribed I was able to take it and create the chapters and such.

Another way is to put together a notebook with pocket dividers for each chapter and start filling them up with data that pertains to the chapter. Then you can write any chapter out of sequence and fill in the joining prapgarph after you get them written.

And another way is to create a board with your outline, chapters etc. bullet points and go from one to the next dictating again and this you can hand off to a ghost writer to create continuity.

I’m sure there are more ways, these are just a few I’ve come up with and tried bits and pieces that have worked for me.

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Karrie Ross
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