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I receive many different emails concerning services and suppliers for self publishing authors and companies. I don’t usually respond but this one is about a subject that has come up for several of my clients in the past so I figured it would be good information for all.

I also know that in some areas, local charities, Salvation Army, and Goodwill, etc. also offer different services for product assembly and fulfillment…so check locally as well.

Please remember to do your own research on companies that offer any services. My posting of this information is just that, information. Please personally verify them for quality. This is not a recommendation, it is letting you know they exist.

Remember, keep doing something every day toward your book and promotion.

Karrie Ross
Your Book Designer


Good morning,

My name is Jeff Stotts. I manage the warehouse for the Free Methodist Church Headquarters (10th and High School Rd , Indianapolis, In, by the airport.) We have warehouse space available. We are able to receive bulk skids of material, break them into orders, pick, pack, and meter packages up to 150lbs. We also have mailing equipment for bulk mailings. If any of these services would benefit your company, please let me know.

Jeffrey A Stotts
FMCNA, Warehouse Manager
770 N High School Rd, Indianapolis In 46214


Since 1969 Whitehurst & Clark Book Fulfillment
100,00 sq ft facility
Back End Fulfillment (pick/pack/shipping) 5% of net
Pallet Storage: $9.00 per pallet per month

Whitehurst & Clark Book Fulfillment
1200 County Rout 523
Flemington, NJ 08822
Brad 800-488-8040

2 thoughts on “Book Fulfillment & Storage: Warehousing Space

  1. John Lindberg

    The big question with book fulfillment is cost because of the tight profit margins most small presses have to deal with. For us, our book fulfillment fee structure is $1.85 per order plus $.40 per unopened case of books or per individual book picked and packed. To this you add the postage or discounted UPS reimbursement and we provide free jiffy mailers and shipping cartons. Storage cost is $69.95 per month plus $.01 per book based on the on hand stock count as of the end of each month. There are no set up fees and no minimums which means you can start on a small scale and grow over time. For more information, visit our website.

    John Lindberg – President

  2. brian

    SBC Fulfillment in Atlanta Georgia and Greensboro North Carolina do book order fulfillment for web sites as well as build distribution. We have almost 180,000 square feet of warehouse for order fulfillment, pick, pack, ship, and packaging.

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