Book Production: making changes to the pdf you sent to the printer.

If you have Acrobat Professional you can make small changes to the pdfs you send to the printer. You will need to be sure to keep a list of the changes you make so when you go into your source files again you can be sure the file is up to date with the pdf. Both PC and MAC friendly.

Acrobat Professional allows you to make one character changes like adding an ‘s’ or comma within a line. It will also allow you to add at the end of a paragraph where there is room and if it goes to another line the must be room for that on the page. It has limitations and some of your changes may look odd due to spacing issues. BUT it does allow you to make the minor changes that can be overlooked at proofing time. And allows you to do them and not have to pay your printer.

Acrobat Pro offers many important actions for any one making and distributing digital files. Some uses are:

  1. Manage and track electronic document reviews
  2. Create and distribute interactive forms
  3. Make locking files and protect your metadata and sensitive information
  4. Contains Acrobat Distiller which allows you to make print ready and different resolution documents
  5. Allows the options to Save As an existing pdf to Word, jpgs, tifs, eps, html, png, text and more.
  6. Has the option to crop your document , insert and delete pages, rotate, extract etc.
  7. You can add links, headers, footers, page numbers…so be sure to read the manual.

And a whole lot more that you can learn overtime and will more than pay for itself the more digital products you make, distribute and sell.