Book Promotion: How to write a “live” link that helps with Promotion

Get “them” to go to your site… each time you write a post for FaceBook, Twitter or other live feed site. Each time you add your URL, you create a back-link to your site which adds to the positive aspect of your site history for search engines.

The correct way to write your link so it is ‘live’ is to be sure to use — http:// — before the www. as I’ve done above in my contact tag… this will make your domain address a live link, which means a person can click on it and they will automatically be taken to your site. If you only use the www. ( with your URL) it won’t be live causing a person to have to cut and paste the address into their browser address bar if they want to visit your site.

TIP: get in the habit of always using the http://www. anytime you give out your domain name (URL) or link to your book etc.

Remember, do something every day toward your book and promotion.
Karrie Ross, Book Designer & Coach