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Business; Branding: What Can We Learn From the Twitter Replies Option Change/Not-Changed?

Sometimes we just need to slow down and consider our clients and their motivators. Twitter didn’t do that in my opinion… and had to reassess their action and did a quick back-step. I was wondering just how many of their employees actually are using twitter and did they even poll them to see how they

Which is correct….Forward or Foreword?

I see this all the time…and which is correct? Let’s refer to the dictionary. Forward: ahead of time; early; moving toward a point in front; progressive Foreword: an introductory remarks, preface or prefatory note SO The answer IS……….FOREWORD! don’t forget it and be sure your book uses the correct spelling.

What's Next? The "Terminator-Style Contact Lens…"

For those of us with a Sci-Fi bent….thinking forward into what is next after the readers…maybe looking at 5-15 years out for the masses. So be sure to save the reader’s boxes and all the paperwork so you can sell them on ebay one day as an antique!

Book Design: Resources for Self Publishing Help

Self-Publishing Resources ISBN Home Page For ISBN Convert 10 diget ISBN to 13 diget. Make your own barcode Indexing Software Authex, CINDEX, MACREX, SKY Index, and wINDEX Click to see more resources for your self publishing book.

Media Kits after your Book Design

Sun Sep 10, 2006 Once your book design is done be sure to creat a media kit an important part of your marketing. A kit is your resume, it tells and shows what you’re about. It should include: a short bio, image of your book cover, contact information, list of questions you can answer, book

Finding images to use for your book cover…

Sometimes you find what you are looking for in the most unlikely places. flickr creative commons image search might be that place for you. I’m not suggesting this is better than purchasing a more professional oriented photo from one of the online photo sites. Most of the larger, pay-for-image sites post the best quality resolution,

BOOK DESIGN: What information goes on a hardcover dust-jacket.

What copy goes on the dustjacket? If you look at books around your house you’ll find a mixture of possibilities. The list below is a starting point and allows for mix and matching… and, you don’t have to put all of these on your cover. I’ve seen a book with just one testimonial on the

Self Publishing: A success story for Bunny!

From time-to-time I received emails thanking me and telling me about success stories. Here is one I received recently from Bunny Mitchel in the UK. —————- From: “bunny mitchell” Hi Karrie I just wanted to write to thank you, most sincerely for all the emails you have sent me with advice on self publishing. I

Book Categories

To follow is a basic beginning for choosing the category for your book. The list begins with non-fiction or fiction, then main category, then sub-category. Your final category will look something like this:  Art/Techniques and can have additions to it such as: Art/Techniques/Brush There is also a website that might help Book Industry Study Group

Book Promotion: Be sure to get a final jpg image of your book cover for advertising and website display.

Be sure that once your book cover had been designed and ready for the printer, that you receive a jpg image of your finished cover… several in fact. One at 300dpi final book size, if your book is 5.5″ x 8.5″ then that is the size of this jpg. From this image all other images

Are You Worrying? Ask these questions…

Finding the knowledge that helps you cut the worry action… Are you planning to do something that causes you to worry about the negative? Then maybe it’s time to do research before you put all your ducks in order. Put your worry action into the positive by making it move… Ask yourself these questions:” see

Websites: How to Get and Use an API key for your WordPress site

WordPress is a great way to build your website and web-presence. They offer free software that loads to your server, plugins to extend the use and function of your site and themes that create the image you project. This is an easy and time effective way to get on-line and start your business within 1-3

Tips: naming files; home pages; using icons

Here are a few tips about anything book or business…of course there are a lot more… and please write yours in the comments section below. It’s always nice to share your knowledge… and we love to hear it! 1. Naming files: don’t use punctuation. No ‘,’ commas or ‘.’ periods or ‘/’ slashes or other

Do you use Facebook? New Security. Now update to the https://

I saw this on my thread this morning…. and looking at other posts noticed that people were having trouble with their connections so I reposted thinking this might be the trouble… “Facebook has changed and said nothing (again). Take a look at your URL (top box on your screen.) If you see “http” or just

What I've been up to…

I realize I’ve been writing more about promotion and marketing lately… but I’m getting asked these questions all the time. “How do I promote my book. Where can I sell more copies?  Where will people see it?” So I thought I’d pass along to you what information comes my way. And don’t forget… my blog

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