Where and how to begin your book promotion.

Book Promotion, or marketing can probably be said to be at least 90% of your job once you’ve decided to write a book and self publish it. But don’t feel overwhelmed just yet. You begin this process early on so by the time the book is written and designed you have a system created that works for you.

Here are some things you can think about setting up:
1.    I had an author that contacted schools like the ones she taught at
2.    Libraries
3.    Readers Groups
4.    Special Interest Clubs and Organizations
5.    Friends and family for suggestions… never know when a 6 year old will open your eyes
6.    Begin Local
7.    Small Business Associations
8.    National Assoc. for the Self Employed
9.    Local Seniors Assoc
10.    Any place that your target audience will go to
11.    Social Media
12.    Magazines and newspapers
13.    Do extensive internet searches
14.    Think, where would I look if I wanted this information or help
15.    lots more…. just think

That all being listed, seems like it’s just a matter of putting together another outline and mapping out the sequence you want to start with. Watch how every place you research for content development can turn into a place to promote.

Remember, do something every day  toward the production and promotion of your book, service, product or company and contact me to help you move it forward faster.

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Have you ever felt foolish? Especially when it comes to writers block.

Remember April Fools Day. Yes, I hear you… eh!  I can remember being young and being taken in by the tease. I was such a gullible young person especially when it sounded so plausible to my ears. So over the years I developed a way of listening to stories in a different way, and it makes my job as a book designer a lot of fun.

I’m pretty sure I can say that at one time or another we’ve all felt a little foolish. But in this post I’m talking about double checking your content. The what and how you are writing.  Maybe the subject of your current chapter that you are writing about isn’t one of your strong points. Maybe it’s better to discuss the point in  just a one paragraph sub-subject. A brief description of the process.

Now, knowing this, be sure to revisit your table of contents to adjust what is being put into your book. Not only so you don’t look or sound foolish, but for the purpose of sequencing and comprehension.

When I was writing my book, I depended a lot on the table of contents for the flow. I only listed the chapters but in my head I had all the sub points. I worked hard to write each paragraph so that it picked up from the previous thought and led in to the next.

I also was sure to make each chapter lead into the next one, and reinforced the concepts in the first paragraph as the next chapter started. Knowing that the easier I made it for the reader to follow my thoughts the better they would process the knowledge I was sharing.

This process helped me when I was interviewed on the radio or on a panel discussion. I noticed that I trained my thinking as I wrote too. I found that creating a train of thinking into the writing that it made it easier for me to make a point when asked a question or to continue a thought that followed another speaker.

I really like the sequencing of book. The way when you open one you have the title page, then copyright information. Some have a dedication page then onto the preface or foreword and learning what another person thinks. I like the introduction so I can share my “why” which leads into the table of contents where I lay it all out with the intention the reader will connect to the information I’m sharing. I leave the about the author to the back of the book. After all, it’s listed in the table of contents so if the reader is interested, they know where to find out about me.

I hope this helps in answering any feelings of writers block or questions of content development that might come up for you.

Remember, do something every day toward the production and promotion of your book, service, product or company and contact me to help move you forward faster.

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Publishing Tip: How To Make Research Work For Your Book

Research. Can one ever do enough? In the self publishing world there are so many variables to consider and because of this, we actively research everything. Like you researching this topic on this self publishing tips blog. In today’s world of electronic discovery your options can be endless.

That being said, be sure to look at several places to see how content matches and where it doesn’t match. Take notes and then do more research. Everyone has a different view and direction they pursue. Finding the ones that match up with your discover can be a fun experience and you might make a connection you’ll keep for years.

Here are some things to consider to “make research work” for your needs:

  1. What will the research be for? How will you use it? What is your outline or focus and how do you plan to back it up?
  2. Are you looking for a book or product to purchase on a specific subject? Will you search amazon.com?
  3. Are you looking for statistics? For content dialogue? Or for a like minded colleague?
  4. Are you looking for quotable comments or a person to write your foreword or to collaborate with you?
  5. How much information do you  need? Will you look at Wikipedia?
  6. Are you looking for a conference, school, or other program to help further your exposure?
  7. Always look for not only the answers, but new questions. Be open to all viewpoints at least enough to explore more.
  8. Will you hire a consultant to help pave the way?

Sometimes one place will lead you to the next. OR give you another option to add to the book,  or to discount one you thought was finished but now needs further discovery. Whatever you find, will stimulate your brain and expand your journey and experiences.

Remember, do something everyday toward the production, and promotion of your book, service, product or company and contact me to move it forward faster.

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Web-Presence 101: your mailing list

“It” is suggested that if you have a book, product, service or business, you need a website, and if you have a website you need a blog and if you have a blog, you need a mailing list. So to have a mailing list … now what? So, do you feel lost in a distant land yet? I know I did years ago when I first started learning bout how to create a web-presence and to make it dynamic, one that interacts on the smallest level with my audience.

Let me give you some beginning info about mailing lists.

  1. Create a focus, and all the other business practices that go with it. What is the best way for you to begin based on your current focus. Things change… wait until you see where it all goes.
  2. Research and decide if there is a fit for your long term goals they will work.
  3. What to do if you want to transfer to another service?
  4. What type of audience will yours be? What are they looking for?
  5. Is cost an issue, be sure to find the right free one for you. And how do you know it will grow with you…
  6. How does the mailing list fit into your plan of connection?
  7. Consider how you’ll grow it.  Are you going to have an initial offer to get them to sign up? Is this good for your service or now? What will it be?
  8. Be sure to position your form in the correct place on your website for best results.
  9. Always thank them. Ask questions.
  10. Find the service that works best for your needs now and later.
  11. Don’t worry if they leave, you can set up a form that ask them why… but hey….do you fill those out?

Remember, do something every day toward the production and promotion for your book, product, service or company… and contact me to move it forward faster and in a logical productive cost effective way.

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10 Publishing Tips that Assist – it’s the little things…

Here you are, thinking…what, how am I going to finish, design, publish and promote my book?
Some of you who are more familiar with my posts know I end with the statement of “Remember, do something every day toward…..” There is such power in this statement, please remember it.

Here are 10 things/actions/thoughts for you to consider:

  1. One of the things I found most daunting about writing a book was all the rewrites….UNTIL I realized how great the book turned out because of them.
  2. Research. One can never gather enough information. Whether it’s about your subject or how to self publish or promote. Spend time every day on the net reading
  3. Talk with like minded people. Open up to them and share your passions your book.
  4. Go read the first part of another book. Or the table of contents. Maybe the book is only about business, or even cooking…
  5. Go for a 15 min walk. Look at what’s around you… absorb
  6. Type in your website URL, look at your site and see how YOU react… is it what you thought? If not, change one thing and see how that works.
  7. Take out your camera/video/smart phone make a 30sec spot or shoot yourself doing something and write about it
  8. Go to or open a Google Account and set up google alerts
  9. Go to a book reading or signing…
  10. Talk to someone you don’t know and share these publishing tips

It’s nice to know that you can do things that help further your book or service. Even a laugh on the phone while talking to someone can open a door and move you to a new space. People like to be acknowledged as do you. Don’t miss a beat.

Remember, do something every day towards the production and promotion of your book, service, product or company… then contact me and let move it further forward.

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Book Design: Opinions. What’s yours?

Everyone has a opinion about your book design, especially the cover, really, just ask them. Opinions about how things “should” be…but, consider that for every person their opinion reflects an experience that reflects the where their viewpoint is based on. Their life experiences and motivations.

We don’t all have the same experiences but we all have similar neuro pathways that will fire up, say, when we see a specific color or listen to music. We respond. That is what a successful book cover design working with the title and subtitle creates… a response. And depending on how compelling your visual of an experience is equals how strong a response you will get. Your book needs to make you feel special first and then if the book designer has done her job thoughtfully, your audience will feel special too.

What compels you? What do you see first, the title or the image and how do you feel internally? Well designed covers sell books. Covers get you noticed. Covers are you amplified in a graphic representation of your passion. Not just anyone can make a cover that does all this and more. A professional book designer with years of experience will make a difference in how your book is considered just by the way their design imparts your concepts.

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Remember do something every day toward the production and promotion of your book, product, service or company and contact me to schedule a time to discuss your project and move forward faster.

Time to publish my book, as well as market, promote, review, award shows and and and…

It is time again, to get back to the business at hand, which of course is to publish my book. You remember what that is right? The action that you take when you have a thought that just has to be shared, in words only you can relate. The words that keep you up at night and fill you with a great passion and fulfillment. The one and only action you want to do always and forever…without writers block to hold you back ….

Well, that sounds good in theory but after you’ve written your book out to manuscript form, proofed and double checked editied… now what? Who will design the cover. Who will layout the interior? Who will promote it to media outlets? Who will post daily to social media sites and converse with them…. who I ask … WHO? Kinda sounds like a Henny Penny nursery rhyme doesn’t it. Well, its not to far from that.

You realize, you will be the one unless you have an assistant or army of people who will do it for you. Most of us are the ones who pick up the next item on the checklist and start the learning process again. NOTE: once this new information is learned and actions are achieved… you will most likely move through it faster and happier and probably begin it even while you are writing your next book. YES, there will be a next one! YAY!

The best beginning is with what you know, but not always the best place to begin. Have I confused you yet? Think about it, say you really understand media, but without a cover design any work you put towards getting the news out there will be wasted since you really don’t have a product yet. Yes, your book is a product.

That’s why there are people like the book consultant, coach, designer, promotion and branding expert out there to help you through the tough “What’s next?” question and action to get and stay on the right course to creating a presence for you, your book and your concepts. There are many lists out there that can tell you what to do, I have lots here on my website. I have a list of award shows, a list of categories, a list of tips that will aide in your social media and blogging tips lists that will boggle your mind of all the options to do. In fact, that might be the reason you are here on my website, to check out all my services. Feel free to call me if there is a question not answered. We can set up a time for a 15 min. free discussion.

Knowing where you can go off the path can help you get to the end sooner, realizing that there are still several choices to make to even get there. Having another person list and guide the progress can be a time saving event.

As a self publishing author many skills are acquired along the way that will benefit you in all you do. Think about when you will be in front of an audience interested in your concepts, think of how empowered you’ll feel when you can answer any question about the how you did what you did that you are inspiring them to do.

This is how you can do that.

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Remember do something every day toward the production and promotion of your book, service, product or company. Contact me to set up a consulting session and get on the direct path.


Book Promotion: Getting your articles to magazines on target and on time…

It’s not like we as business owners don’t have enough to do with actually producing a book, product or service, but often we are the only one doing the work. Here are a few ideas to get you started on your years plan for PR.

1. Articles are almost a must in today’s world of instant information. Write an article that is on target with what you are selling and you will get hits.

2. Make the keywords the best type of natural search sentence structure you can and catch more of your target audience.

3. Check out local magazines, find out what their editorial calendar is all about, what stories are they going to cover. Then be sure to not only post like-minded ones to your website but also send to the magazine as an article or letter to the editor. Know that all business likes attention and participation.

4. Do a search for a yearly calendar that spotlights holidays… write about how what you have fits to the holiday. This needs to be done at least 3-4 months before the actual holiday. Start now its the beginning of the year.

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Remember, do something every day toward the production and promotion of your book, product, service or company. Contact me to set up a consultation toward moving it forward more effectively.



Creativity is Art which includes writing…

Creativity is art. Resistance if futile? And if you watch Star Trek you will know that is what the Borg say. AND this was first written out. Yes, a writer wrote it for an actor to read and it was creative and became art in the making. Something risky. Something that hit us to the bone of being human.

Write I say, Write. and keep writing until the book is done. Change the world and invite us to join you. We’re all in this together.

Sometime today, go out side and look at the sun or the moon and then extend your thinking to the actuality that everyone in the world is looking at the same one item, the sun/moon that you are seeing. Oh it might be in a different location in the sky but there just the same… get to the deep human of your being and you will find a connection… and connection is in art, in writing.

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Remember, do something every day toward the promotion, marketing, branding, research for your book, product, service or business. Contact me for consulting on moving it all forward.

Promotion: Upholding the Promise of your Book

I’ve seen it happen over and over. Not only in the book world but in business in general. You know those networking meetings or conferences you go to where everyone mingles and talks about what they do or how they came to be at the event. Well, ever notice when the attention goes away when talking to someone who all-of-a-sudden realizes you are not “part of their planned audience?”

Some thoughts to keep in mind if you are going to invest your time and money into a book/product/service:

1. The $$$$  phone call when an individual or company calls for info on your book and services?

Always pay attention to the person on the other end of the line, you never know who they know or what their real reason is for calling. I recently answered a call from a person asking about my Feng Shui only to end up with a spot on a radio show about my book design. Pay attention.

2. When a situation you find yourself in is exactly what your book/services are about… what then…

Keep in mind, this person might have no idea what they are saying or projecting. Your introduction sets a tone for relating. Be sure you are exacting YET not pushy in tone or language this might be your next client. I once was in line at the grocery store when the person behind me commented on something I was buying. I almost didn’t respond when the little bell in my head when ding-ding. I turned and started with a funny statement to break the ice and then went into a full conversation about how I do feng shui and how the product fit into a solution. They took my business card.

3. When a new referral shows up, all that time and effort into the initial phone calls getting to know what they are looking for only to get a “Thank You” email that they went with another service/product. 

I like to look at these instances as learning experiences, and review them, make note of where the conversation might have gotten off-track and then move on. The next call will be a commitment. Keep the balance of forward movement, once you get stuck might bring this to a stop. Remember to send a thank you response back to them, that way they are left with a positive memory to the experience with you.

4.  When your question is met with neither a pleasant nor interested response from the so called “expert?”

Hey, it’s their loss. Make a mental note not to do the same when it’s your turn in the front of the room and it is your book and your passion and your subject being discussed. This is what you are waiting for.

Hope these helped put a little into your thinking cap, awareness helps open doors. AND that once you do have a book and start promoting it… this is YOUR LIFE now… the passion you share.

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Remember, do something every day toward the production, promotion, marketing and branding for your book, service, product or company. Contact me to set up a consultation on moving forward.

Book: “Olinguito Speaks Up!” by Cecilia Velástegui

Working with authors is an exciting experience. I get to walk-in-their shoes for just a short period of time and experience the passion they have for their work. The book “Olinguito Speaks Up!” was just such a book. The author Cecilia Velástegui was just that. Her excellent choice of imagery for the interior and story to tell created a book that is meant to be on library shelves for years to come.

“Olinguito is a shy and furry animal that sucks his thumb all day long and hides in the treetops of the Ecuadorian cloud forest. No one in the whole world knows that he exists. Olinguito is too shy to let the other creatures know that he has been listening and watching them, and enjoying the tales told by Tomas, an ancient Galapagos tortoise. Tomas loves to tell fantastic stories about the strange creatures of the Galapagos Islands, from the poisonous longnose stubfoot toad to a Pinta Island tortoise named Lonesome George, who no one in the cloud forest has ever seen. When Olinguito hears the other cloud forest animals ridicule Tomas for making things up, he realizes that these are not tall tales—they are memories of creatures driven to extinction. Shy Olinguito is finally moved to speak up in defense of Tomas. This poignant story addresses respect, both for the environment and for our elderly, and explores universal themes of friendship, memories, and finding the courage to speak up.”

I am pleased to have had the opportunity to be part of her dream and passion.

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Book: “By U.S. Bonds” a memoir of Gary U.S. Bonds – Branding

“By U. S. Bonds” was a fun book for me, I grew up with Gary’s big hit “A Quarter to Three” as a major dance tune… and to know his career continues just made me happy to be a part of it all. Gary’s website http://www.garyusbonds.com/ gives you a complete update of what they are doing to promote the book.

“A worthwhile rock ‘n’ roll memoir, and an inspiring story about following one’s bliss.” ~Kirkus Reviews Rock and roll legend Gary U.S. Bonds tells the story of his more than five decades in pop, soul, and rhythm and blues. From Sam Cooke to Bruce Springsteen, Bonds’ memoir is about friends and family, staying relevant, and how to avoid becoming another rock and roll casualty. Co-Author Stephen Cooper. Foreword by Steven Van Zandt.

The book is now being taken to the UK for more venues…


This project involved the hardcover dust jacket, paperback version, CD face and case; promotional mailer; book signing invitation, book banner for promotional use; t-shirts and postcard designs. I applied brand concepts to all aspects of this project to maintain a consistent look and recognition.

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Book: J. A. Maloney two Mystery Novels over the past year…

IT YOU LIKE GOLF and OWN A HOME… here are two Brad Stephens Murder Mysteries you will want to read.

Check out these are two great murder mysteries… finished over the past year by Joel Maloney author website at http://jamaloney.com/books.html


Breakfast Ball

Brad Stephens was enjoying the relative success of thirty years in the high stress world of mortgage loan origination when the great recession left him stripped of assets, short of business, and teetering on the brink of insolvency. When professional golfer and good friend, John Linden, hires him to act as both real estate agent and mortgage broker, it appears Brad is headed towards financial salvation. The transaction should be a piece of cake. Unfortunately for Brad, Linden’s management company, his hot Latina fiancée, a group of fundamental extremists, and the apparent suicide of Linden’s personal manager, Art Smalley, present extraordinary –perhaps deadly– obstacles to his success. J.A. Maloney’s first thriller offers well-paced intrigue and an insider’s portrait of the financial collapse that almost destroyed the global economy. Along the way, he will take you to several world famous golf courses; will entertain you with some insight into the rich and famous and will introduce you to the world of Brad Stephens –a regular guy whose first shot at life went slightly out of bounds and now might deserve to take a Breakfast Ball.

Breakfast Ball at http://tinyurl.com/ppcl3ac on amazon


Death at The High End

After surviving several attempts on his life recently and then clawing his way back from the bowels of the recession, Brad Stephens doesn’t need any more excitement in his life.

But when a serial-killer begins murdering high-end real estate agents along the coast of California, Brad is called in by the FBI as a special consultant. Because it might help the task force develop a theory behind the motivations of the killer, Brad helps former Secret Service agent – turned Special Task Force coordinator—Jim Krnich to understand the inner-workings of the competitive world of real estate sales. The lesson is rudely interrupted, however, when Brad’s wife, Mel, and her friends, Stefanie Ramirez and Paula Smith-Newhall fall into the crosshairs of the killer.

With the aid from a self-help guru and a retired mobster, Krnich eventually comes to understand the motivation behind the killings –and it is almost more disturbing to him than the crimes themselves—but can they catch the maniac before he gets the girls?

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Having a Professional Book Design for your Cover and Interior

The Importance of having a Professional Book Design for  your Cover and Interior

Congratulations!  You finally finished writing your very first book and are ready to make a fortune by offering it to the public.  You have spent countless hours with research, typing, proofreading, editing, and re-editing to create the most informative and engaging publication imaginable.  All you have to do is slap a cover on it and post an advertisement on Amazon, and the money will start rolling in.  Unfortunately, this is how millions of first-time authors, novelists and entrepreneurs approach the marketing of their first book.

In order for any book or publication to achieve these highest levels of massive sales, some very critical factors must be taken into consideration.  The design of the book cover is critical, acting as a sort of “Billboard” for all of the valuable information inside.  Simple choices like title text placement and font selection can be a crucial determining factor, as well as the formatting of the interior pages themselves.  AND…. In order for your book to begin creating a buzz in the literary community, the information inside must be organized, readable, and easy-to-follow for those first few buyers.

Cover Dynamics

Many writers are not very experienced with graphic design.  This only makes sense.  You are a wordsmith and an expert in your field of expertise, not a visual artist.  A professional cover designer will take into consideration not only your targeted audience when choosing the graphics but dive into the history and mind of them too.  Images will be selected that appeal to the characteristics of the consumers who can benefit from buying your product.

The appropriate size of the book and its cover is a very important consideration.  Even the font size and typeface comes into play.  For example, if you are a rather well-known writer, then it might be to your marketing advantage to arrange the author name in a configuration other than one line.

Interior Readability

If your book content is not an easy read… why read it? One very common mistake that new authors often make is to overemphasize numerous details contained in the body of the text.  The overuse of multiple fonts, italicized words, bold text, and underlined phrases can often make the book appear somewhat disjointed and confusing to the average reader.

A professional book designer knows how to select the proper size and style of font that will make your document easier to read.  There are thousands of “little things” to look for when formatting the interior pages of any published book or novel, and a professional designer will know just how to make the reader feel like they are in an easy chair no matter where they are!.

Organization Paying additional attention to rules for the cover and proper sequencing of the interior front, middle and back contents is essential to being seen as a professional author… so be sure to choose a professional designer who makes this happen and more.

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There is No “Easy Button” for a Great Book Cover Design

Entrepreneurs are forward-thinking, visionary people who are always looking ahead at the “big picture” and thinking “outside the box”.  This can be our biggest strength as well as one of our most problematic weaknesses.  Because we are always looking for the most time efficient way to solve sometimes very complex business problems, we can easily overlook those critical times during our business day when our rush to find a quick and easy solution can negatively affect our marketing strategies and long-term financial goals.


Cover and Interior Design Boosts Sales!

There is no “easy button” when it comes to the design of a literary book cover or its interior pages.  Like it or not, we all “judge a book by its cover” to some degree.  This is only human nature, after all.  Given the massive amounts of information that can be acquired and purchased online in digital form, consumers now have more options than ever before.  If their final choice comes down to two different publications that are offering very similar information, Continue reading

Hollywood Book Festival – 9th Annual Awards

Passing this along to authors interested….



HOLLYWOOD, CA _ The 2014 Hollywood Book Festival has issued a call for entries to its nihth annual awards celebrating books that deserve greater recognition from the film, television, game and multimedia communities.

The 2014 Hollywood Book Festival will consider published, self-published and independent publisher non-fiction, fiction, children’s books, young adult, how-to, spiritual, wild card (anything goes!), unpublished stories, screenplays, genre-based works, science fiction, biographical/autobiographical, sequels, business and history works. This is a story-oriented competition and there is no date of publication restriction.

A panel of entertainment and publishing industry judges will determine the winners based on the following criteria:

1) The story-telling ability of the author;

2) The potential of the work to be translated into other forms of media

All entries must be in English. Our grand prize for the 2014 Hollywood Book Festival Author of the Year is a $1500 appearance fee and a flight to Hollywood, CA for our gala awards ceremony in July, 2014.

ENTRIES: Multiple entries must be accompanied by a separate fee for each book.

In addition to honoring the top selections in the above categories, The Hollywood Book Festival will award the following chosen from submissions:

1) Hollywood Book Festival Author of the Year Honors the outstanding book of the competition.

2) Hollywood Book Festival Design of the Year Honors outstanding and innovative design.

3) Hollywood Book Festival Publisher of the Year Honors the top publisher based on potential to develop future works suitable for transformation into other media.

FESTIVAL RULES: Hollywood Book Festival submissions cannot be returned. Each entry must contain the official entry form, including your e-mail address and contact telephone number. All shipping and handling costs must be borne by entrants.

NOTIFICATION AND DEADLINES: We will notify each entry of the receipt of their package via e-mail and will announce the winning entries on the web site shortly after the entry deadline.Regular registration deadline submissions in each category must be received by the close of business on June 25, 2014. Winners in each category will be notified by e-mail. Please note that judges read and consider submissions on an ongoing basis, comparing early entries with later submissions.

TO ENTER: Entry forms are available online at www.hollywoodbookfestival.com or may be faxed/e-mailed to you by emailing HollywoodBKFest@aol.com. Multiple submissions are permitted but each entry must be accompanied by a separate form and entry fee.

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