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Where and how to begin your book promotion.

Book Promotion, or marketing can probably be said to be at least 90% of your job once you’ve decided to write a book and self publish it. But don’t feel overwhelmed just yet. You begin this process early on so by the time the book is written and designed you have a system created that

Have you ever felt foolish? Especially when it comes to writers block.

Remember April Fools Day. Yes, I hear you… eh!  I can remember being young and being taken in by the tease. I was such a gullible young person especially when it sounded so plausible to my ears. So over the years I developed a way of listening to stories in a different way, and it

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Publishing Tip: How To Make Research Work For Your Book

Research. Can one ever do enough? In the self publishing world there are so many variables to consider and because of this, we actively research everything. Like you researching this topic on this self publishing tips blog. In today’s world of electronic discovery your options can be endless. That being said, be sure to look


Web-Presence 101: your mailing list

“It” is suggested that if you have a book, product, service or business, you need a website, and if you have a website you need a blog and if you have a blog, you need a mailing list. So to have a mailing list … now what? So, do you feel lost in a distant

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10 Publishing Tips that Assist – it’s the little things…

Here you are, thinking…what, how am I going to finish, design, publish and promote my book? Some of you who are more familiar with my posts know I end with the statement of “Remember, do something every day toward…..” There is such power in this statement, please remember it. Here are 10 things/actions/thoughts for you


Book Design: Opinions. What’s yours?

Everyone has a opinion about your book design, especially the cover, really, just ask them. Opinions about how things “should” be…but, consider that for every person their opinion reflects an experience that reflects the where their viewpoint is based on. Their life experiences and motivations. We don’t all have the same experiences but we all

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Time to publish my book, as well as market, promote, review, award shows and and and…

It is time again, to get back to the business at hand, which of course is to publish my book. You remember what that is right? The action that you take when you have a thought that just has to be shared, in words only you can relate. The words that keep you up at

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Book Promotion: Getting your articles to magazines on target and on time…

It’s not like we as business owners don’t have enough to do with actually producing a book, product or service, but often we are the only one doing the work. Here are a few ideas to get you started on your years plan for PR. 1. Articles are almost a must in today’s world of

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Creativity is Art which includes writing…

Creativity is art. Resistance if futile? And if you watch Star Trek you will know that is what the Borg say. AND this was first written out. Yes, a writer wrote it for an actor to read and it was creative and became art in the making. Something risky. Something that hit us to the

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Promotion: Upholding the Promise of your Book

I’ve seen it happen over and over. Not only in the book world but in business in general. You know those networking meetings or conferences you go to where everyone mingles and talks about what they do or how they came to be at the event. Well, ever notice when the attention goes away when

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Book: “Olinguito Speaks Up!” by Cecilia Velástegui

Working with authors is an exciting experience. I get to walk-in-their shoes for just a short period of time and experience the passion they have for their work. The book “Olinguito Speaks Up!” was just such a book. The author Cecilia Velástegui was just that. Her excellent choice of imagery for the interior and story

Book: “By U.S. Bonds” a memoir of Gary U.S. Bonds – Branding

“By U. S. Bonds” was a fun book for me, I grew up with Gary’s big hit “A Quarter to Three” as a major dance tune… and to know his career continues just made me happy to be a part of it all. Gary’s website gives you a complete update of what they are


Book: J. A. Maloney two Mystery Novels over the past year…

IT YOU LIKE GOLF and OWN A HOME… here are two Brad Stephens Murder Mysteries you will want to read. Check out these are two great murder mysteries… finished over the past year by Joel Maloney author website at ======== Breakfast Ball Brad Stephens was enjoying the relative success of thirty years in the


Having a Professional Book Design for your Cover and Interior

The Importance of having a Professional Book Design for  your Cover and Interior Congratulations!  You finally finished writing your very first book and are ready to make a fortune by offering it to the public.  You have spent countless hours with research, typing, proofreading, editing, and re-editing to create the most informative and engaging publication


There is No “Easy Button” for a Great Book Cover Design

Entrepreneurs are forward-thinking, visionary people who are always looking ahead at the “big picture” and thinking “outside the box”.  This can be our biggest strength as well as one of our most problematic weaknesses.  Because we are always looking for the most time efficient way to solve sometimes very complex business problems, we can easily

Hollywood Book Festival – 9th Annual Awards

Passing this along to authors interested…. =================== 2014 HOLLYWOOD BOOK FESTIVAL – CALL FOR ENTRIES HOLLYWOOD, CA _ The 2014 Hollywood Book Festival has issued a call for entries to its nihth annual awards celebrating books that deserve greater recognition from the film, television, game and multimedia communities. The 2014 Hollywood Book Festival will consider

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