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Speaking about Branding at Made in the Valley Networking

I had a very nice time Tuesday night speaking about branding to a local networking group. I was the third speaker and a good place to be as I was able to bring it all together in to the importance of the Visual presentation and follow through for your branding direction no matter if you are branding a company, product, or book.

It was a lively evening with Libby Gill starting off the evening with asking each person in the group what their branding needs were and giving suggestions. Then on to Gail Lara sharing her experience with the book she is currently in process with. Then to me, ending the evening on the note of design importance.

Very much enjoyed the evening. Thank you Robin and Made in the Valley.

Posting a review to Barnes & Noble

Amazon continues to dominate online book selling that’s just how it is. But not without competition… like Barnes & Noble. Part of selling on line is about the reviews you get and post. B&N supplies clear directions / rules for posting a review to their site.  They also have a Help button and it

We all know it's not JUST about writing the book… right?

1. Make / write your statement, book, tips, whatever… 2. Get it out there, blog, post, tweet, video, radio, articles, conferences, seminars, events 3. Do what you have to do so that as many people see your work as possible 4. Prove that you’re a going concern, timely, motivated, aware of the world, benefits 5.

About Writing… 10 points from PD James

I am always fascinated by the fiction writers ability to keep the story in their heads… I enjoyed the tips from PD James… and hope you do to. I especially liked #6 as it also could pertain to an artists life. “6. Enjoy your own company: It is undoubtedly a lonely career, but I suspect

Book Award: The Great Midwest Book Festival 2013

I receive a lot of Call for Entries… so I figured I’d pass a few of them along to you all. I entered several calls after writing my Parenting book and actually did placed in several. I find it’s nice to be able to say “I’m an award winning author”. I have a list of

Getting Insurance for your business…Other related subject: Small Business Insurance

This may seem off subject for my blog but I have the toughest time with things like insurance and lawyers and corporation procedures… so when I was told I needed to have general liability insurance I literally freaked! To put it mildly. The lawyer who told me, referred me to an insurance man who said

Don't forget to send a thank you note!

This tip courtesy of Rick Fishman newsletter A “Rick Tip” Don’t forget to send a thank you note! I know it sounds crazy- but most people don’t send a thank you note after they do a media interview… Big mistake! Always send a note the the host and the producer. In the note… 1- Thank

How to write the subtitle for your book…

When determining your subtitle…think benefits that the reader will get, think what you promise them. Think bullet points (but don’t use them in the subtitle), think logically and think what “they” want to solve or know about. Re-read your intro, foreword and first chapter, pull out the phrases you already use and rework them into

A surefire way to know if your book title is working…"I wonder what it's about?"

If you hear these words…”I wonder what it’s about?”… then your title is doing it’s job and hopefully so is your sub-title. Creating a desire for fascination and intrigue to learn more and open the book. BUT

Books designed with CDs – some things to consider

Should you put a CD in your book or not? or do you create a book designed with all the stuff in it that might go in the CD? good questions. If your book is not sealed, shrink wrapped, the CD could be easily taken and then your book is not sellable and the book

How to Create a Web Presence – Quick and Cheap! For Online and Offline Businesses

Are you an author, life coach, therapist, or small company looking to have a website and offer your services and products? If your answer is yes… my information will be of value to you! Offline business has its network meetings, trade shows, advertising, direct mail programs, catalogs, telemarketing, workshops and more… Online business has its

Book Writing: Telling Stories

From time-to-time I receive emails from people who hear about me.. here is one I received today. Thank you David! From: David Dantes Subject: Telling stories I read your entry in Poynter’s newsletter about telling stories and I CAN NOT agree more. I’m about to start selling my first book on becoming a better lawyer,

Book Design: Does my eBook Need to be Protected?

Do you have a Kindle? I’ve been told that the fate of the printed book might be in danger! I’m not sure I believe that, but, as a self publisher we need to be on top of the newest trends… and one of those trends is making our books available in eBook form to be

Photos scans for the interior of your book

I’ve written about this before… but it’s such an important subject here it is again… I can’t encourage you enough to contact a knowledgeable professional if you are planning on having one or hundreds of photo/illustration images on the inside of you book. There are so many “if’s” involved and the wrong road could cost

BOOK DESIGN: Everyone needs a Photo… Right? Headshots and other Photo Tips

Know, like and trust. This is what we build with our books, services and website. Visuals play a big part in creating this trust. And we all know we need a photo. Just how important that photo quality is depends on how you will be using it. If you plan to use it for web

Will Illustrations Done in Pencil Reproduce Well for Printing?

You need to be very careful when you scan pencil. That being said, it’s used a lot. If your image is an outline, the line needs to be as solid as possible and in a 2B or softer pencil. If your illustration is a full out image shaded etc, when it’s scanned you need to

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