Branding:Promotion: Securing and setting your Facebook page name…

If you have a facebook account this might not matter to you but if you don’t and are planning to set one up… this is a little note to keep in mind.

You set up your account and then after 25 friends you can set your URL especially for you. Now, here’s the interesting part. The account name is what people on facebook will see and search for. The URL username is what SEO on the internet will search for.

Example: this is how I did it for my book design site.
Page name for facebook: Self-publishing & Book Design by Karrie Ross
This way I brand my name and what I do for people doing a search on facebook.
NOTE: You can change this name as you want up until you get 100 friends then it locks in.

User Name for SEO: SelfPublishingBookDesign
This way these are my highest keywords and are SEO targeted.
NOTE: Be sure to lock this name in after 25 friends

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  1. Karrie Ross

    This just came through from a subscriber: I really appreciate all of your practical advice. I’ve already done this for my Facebook page but your sharing such practical SEO info is truly a gift! Thank you!

    Teresa W.

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