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Case Study: needs a teleseminar line that will do a pre-set broadcast.

Case Study:

Client looking for as teleseminar/ conferencing service that will allow them to pre-tape a hour-long interview and then schedule it and play instead of doing a live interview. There logic was that a live interview has lots of unnecessary chatter that they wanted to edit out and give their listeners only the “good stuff.”


Case Study: I want to publish my printed book as Kindle, what is the best way to make changes?

To recap the conversation: You want to make changes to your printed book so you can publish it for Kindle and are not sure of the best way to do so. You have your original Word .doc for your printed book, and want to know if you can make the changes there for both printed and Kindle books.


We discussed the following.

  • MS Word creates a text file that is used to write your manuscript. **This file, text, is a flowing representation of your text.
  • The text file is sent to a book designer to professionally format Continue reading

Case Study: using feedburner for your RSS feed

Not sure how many of you out there need or know anything about the RSS feeds or might use for your RSS feed sign ups… I do. I find it’s a great way to service people listening to the information I share right to their email accounts.

Feedburner allows you to add any number of feeds in my account, it’s free. There are many ways to configure the way you want my information to be seen and read. You can choose between a “fill-in-the-email” optin or a “join my RSS feed here” link or both.

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