Did you know there are "Delivery Charges" for ebooks… What??

As we move along into a world of digital ebooks, there appear new items to keep informed about… PC Pro published an interesting article about “delivery” charges when selling an ebook Kindle version.

The main ingredient to be watchful of is how many images you add to your file. You see, images take up more space, and to get good quality images they need to be sharp, and to be sharp it helps if they are a little larger file size than 72dpi. AND if they are or if you have lots of images… your file becomes larger therefore…. TAKING longer to transfer! That’s it… the delivery charge is for transfering data over the (fill in number here)-G connection… it needs to be paid somehow… and the publisher is now being the one charged, whereas with physical books, the buyer pays for shipping.

Be sure to keep all aspects of any online system in mind when you begin selling your book or ebook…we are in a strange new world full of new discoveries and new rules… and it keeps us wondering “What will they think of next!”