Hardcover Copy

Hardcover Book Jacket Copy:
What copy goes on the dust-jacket flaps and back cover?

Hardcover dust-jacket back and flaps copy:
1.) What goes on the Front-inside Flap of a Dust-Jacket?
• price, category
• short description, story, mission of book, author

• testimonials, poems, quotes

• I have seen 3C put on the inside front.

2.) What goes on the Back-inside Flap of a Dust-Jacket?
• author photo, name, title or….
• short bio of author, company, mission, etc
• website, contact information
• publishing company, contact info, cover artist

3.) What goes on the Backcover of a Dust-Jacket?
• category
• list of testimonials

• category
• short paragraph statement to the reader as to what, why how they need to buy this book

• category
• headline that asks a question, makes a statement that can be ended with an (É)
• first paragraph description of what is in book, history, background of thoughts presented
• 3,5 or 7 bullet points of what reader will find, gain
• testimonials, quotes
• paragraph summing it up, inviting reader to take action and buy book
• publisher info, website etc.
• barcode
If you look at books around your house you’ll find a mixture of possibilities. The above is a starting point and allows for mix and matching and you don’t have to put all of any of these, I’ve seen a book with just one testimonial on the back or a quote in the front flap or no author photo.

Put together what you feel works for your needs and we’ll look it over and perfect it.


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