Holocaust Exposed by Nigel Woodley


My phone rang one day and Nigel was on the other end… from New Zealand! What a joy he was to work with, very upbeat but on a mission… his cover needed to be done NOW! The printer was waiting.

“Nigel Woodley has been the pastor of the Flaxmere Christian Fellowship in Hastings, New Zealand since 1982. …….  It took him years to build up the courage to write such a significant book about the Holocaust, ever wanting to be sensitive to those who suffered during those terrible years. But now the time has arrived. The result is a book he feels will educate the Christian, speak to the Jew, and enlighten all people of every culture regarding the darkest period in the history of the human race.” (taken from his website http://www.holocaustexposed.co.nz/)  “God is in the book!” is Nigel’s declaration.

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Karrie Ross Book Designer, Branding and Self-Publishing Consutling