How to Create a Web Presence – Quick and Cheap! For Online and Offline Businesses

Are you an author, life coach, therapist, or small company looking to have a website and offer your services and products?

If your answer is yes… my information will be of value to you!

Offline business has its network meetings, trade shows, advertising, direct mail programs, catalogs, telemarketing, workshops and more…

Online business has its social networking sites, forums, blogs, articles, teleseminars, ebooks, emails, pay-per-click, search engines and more…

My experience of 40 years in the advertising design industry is now available to you in an ebook, workbook and teleseminar class where you’ll learn how to create a web presence online and integrate what develop for online into your existing offline promotions. Become the influence for your success!

Expansion is an ongoing process and now is the time for you to move forward into creating your online web presence.

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Remember, keep doing something everyday toward your success!