Idle Knowledge: taking a screen shot

I use this all the time for documenting information to a digital file. It’s great for ‘how to’ and training instructions. I have a MAC so I know the directions are correct. The PC directions came from my cousin so I hope they are correct.

How to take a screen shot.


hit shift command 4 at the same time and your cursor turns into a crosseye that you can then click and drag over the image you want to copy. If you hit shift command 3 you will capture the full screen. This should capture the information you want in a jpg or pdf depending on what your system prefs are set to.


Locate the Print Screen button, or abbreviated “PrtScrn”, it’s usually around the pause, insert or scroll lock keys between the alphabet keyboard and the number pad. Press it once. Open up “Paint” and select “paste”, then save the file. (sounds like this will shoot the full screen). /OR/ Just was suggested that “control V” will also take the shot.


just learned about snippingtool.exe but since I don’t have a PC, again, I can not speak to it. Comments if it works or not would be helpful.


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