Is Your Book Cover Compelling and Interesting?

Wow! Now there’s a question for you. “Is Your Book Cover Compelling and Interesting?” Just what does that mean and how do you know it’s working?

Here are some items to consider about having a compelling cover:

  • Do you want to keep looking at it in such a way as it encourages you to open the book?
  • Does it project the emotion you need your customers to feel so that they will open the book and start reading?
  • Do you like the cover imagery, does it evoke what you want it to?
  • Is the typeface used a face that enhances your overall story?

These are just a few items for you to consider when having your cover designed. They all contribute to your final cover being the compelling piece you are looking for…

Let me know if this was helpful and if you have any other questions please contact me

1 thought on “Is Your Book Cover Compelling and Interesting?

  1. Lynne

    “Your blogs are very helpful and full of provocative content. I’ll contact you when I’m further along in my project. Your ideas about the cover have helped me shape the narrative itself–which is very insightful. I think most authors think of their covers after completion rather than before or during writing.”
    Best, Lynne

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