Marketing Materials

Each author, speaker, coach or small business needs a line of extended resources and products. Here are some items to add to the promotion and marketing of your book, product or service concepts.

Book Design, Marketing and Promotion Items

Graphic Design: Print

Extend Your Brands’ Reach with the following Self-Publishing Products and Tools.

These items are designed to help you be prepared when you are asked to speak, lecture or send information for reviews and interviews. Each of these items build a professional recognition of you and your company, providing advance information for public relations professionals letting them know you are serious about how you are presented. Please contact me if you have any questions about the products and services listed below.

Promotion and Marketing
Printed Materials

•  Postcard* 4″ x6″ using book cover image, color front, B&W back. One layout, two proofs minimal changes.

•  Bookmark*2″x8″ vertical, using final book image, front. One layout, two proofs minimal changes.

•  Book Flyer or OneSheet Bio*8.5″x11″, front (one side), using book cover image. One layout, two proofs minimal changes.

•  OneSheet Bio* 8.5″x11″, TWO sided using book cover image and author photo and/or bio/resume text. One layout, two proofs minimal changes.

•  Brochures and other collateral projects
Pricing based on individual job specifics.

  • Letterhead
  • logo
  • business card
  • product brochure
  • DVD/CD booklet
  • and more….

Contact me for pricing and more information.

*NOTE: Postcard, bookmark, one sheet bio, and flyer are supplied as digital files realy to send to printers such as or printrunner.comor or a printer of your choice.

Branding and Marketing Your Book and Company

3D images arranged

Contact me for pricing and more information.

Items made using your book cover:

  • cover for audio transcriptions ebook, workbook, manual
  • DVD/CD case cover
  • Disc face
  • 3D book

Perfect if you have a series of DVD/CD, eBook, Manuals, Workbook, transcriptions, that you want with a continous look. Contact me for pricing based on the number of products you have.

(NOTE: prices are based on applying existing cover design to the different pieces.) Any additional Photoshop work to any images etc. is an additional price. One layout, two proofs minimal changes.

Extended OPTIONS AVAILABLE that add more Products

DVD/CD case

(prices are based on applying existing book cover design to case)

DVD/CD face

Based on when done after your book cover is designed and using the same art files to create a branded DVD or CD cover for any accessory information or extended pdf and audio files you wish to offer your client base.

Price is for standard DVD 5″x7″ or CD 5″x5″ CASE includes using images and copy from existing book cover and back. Client supplies mechanical specifications from vendor and all copy as pre-edited and proofed MSWord .doc file. Any additional Photoshop work to any images etc. is an additional price. One layout, two proofs minimal changes.

3D DVD/CD Case jpg – is an addititonal price

*DISC FACE: Price is based on if dvd/cd case cover layout is alreay done. If I need to create the layout from beginning using existing book or brand art

Contact me for pricing and more information.

Buy Buttons-for website using 3D image already made.

Buy button for use on website using book image – color scheme match to website, using 3D image already created from book cover. Client supplies any clip art and book image.

If you don’t have a 3D book image, Ask for me to make one, the price is based on using your existing cover image.
Button can be made using flat cover image if desired

3D image

Make a lasting impression. Present your book with a professional eye-catching 3D image. 3D images make your book or ebook look “alive” and touchable. Created using your existing high resolution cover image.

Several styles to choose from. Shown here left to right: paperback thin, thick; hardcover thick, thin, coil-bind workbook or ebook. Also offer product boxes, DVD/CD case and face.

Contact me for pricing and more information.

Custom Banner for your author website

Banner for website and doubles for digital letterhead — Create further branding recognition with a website and letterhead banner. Using your existing book cover or book cover image. Contact me for pricing and more information.


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