Mobile Ads Apps and the Future… where it's at and what it means

Business Insider article on the mobile ads and apps

Business Insider

I have a smart phone. Or that is what it’s called. I have apps, both fee and free. The free might not really be free just like free email services that then you have to put up with ads and pop ups, but hey…it’s free, right?

So how does that impact our future, the way we might do business down the road once the book is published. How can this work for you? What is out there by way of technology? How can you make fit into it or it into you?

I found the article by Jim Edwards at to be quite informative on many levels. I even had a few moments of excitement thinking of what would be possible for me.

As few as about 7 years ago we were all thinking that ebooks were not the greatest option, why would anyone want to not have a book to hold, to touch and to carry with them. Display it on their book shelf and open up conversations around it’s being there. And now look at how popular the readers have made them…and the opportunities we see authors having with volume sales of 45,000 ebooks  in a month…!

Now there are apps. You can have an app. You can make your own app of your blog. Or you can hire people to make one for you. Your ebooks can be read on smart phones as well as readers. Wow!

I know I’m excited to see/hear what’s next… the article introduces us to some of the people who are making it happen. How about you?


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