One thing each day for your book and promotion… one of my authors comments after the printing…

I am constantly being blown away … by authors and how they fare after the book is printed and they start promoting it. For some this is an easy-as-pie action, and for others harder-than-heck.

This is an email I received just recently after I asked one author what they were up to with the book. Amazing what doing one thing a day can bring.

“… As far as what is happening:

  1. I am working on two book signings right now, they were canceled due to the terrible storm and all the havoc.
  2. I am on Amazon and Barnes and Nobel so I posted that on my site and facebook.
  3. The gal that wrote my foreword is giving me  a shout out in her next newsletter.
  4. The man I speak about in my intro has my book listed in his  Dec issue of his famous magazine Dance Teacher Life.
  5. I just brought the book over to the local book store telling her that it was a product of an event that I went to at her store about two years ago with a book signing and talk with a Publishing book… a direct success story, which impressed her a lot.  They loved the cover!!!!
  6. Also, just got on another web site with free advertising if I sent their premium members a free copy…YES, it was a great deal and they want me to talk at their next telecast in DEC, very cool.
  7. Got hired as a judge from the gal that wrote the foreword… another addition to my resume.
  8. And just entered DIY, Axiom, and Ben Franklin awards!!!! By the way, thank you for telling me about Axiom.   Would have loved to enter many categories but cannot pay for that right now.
  9. Have sold a book on Amazon already!
  10. Sold a dozen books or so from my site!
  11. People have been gracious enough to write a few reviews for me too on Amazon.
  12. I am getting permission from people to have testimonials on my site now too.

So as you can see I have been busy…. I remember what you said, “do a little bit each day for your book”…. today, after entering those contests, which was a royal pain in the butt, I am done for the day with book stuff!

Tomorrow I will have more energy with the Lords help to remember your advice again,

Your book cover and interior design are a great start and first impression to anyone who hears I have written a book…Happy Birthday Karrie!”

Thanks again,
Caryl J.Voorhees

(design of book cover and 168 page interior formatting for a 5.5 x 8.5 hardcover dustjacket book printed at