Printed books still big with Kids at bedtime.

Social Times reports on Scholastic report about bedtime stories and physical books

Social Times reports on Scholastic report about bedtime stories and physical books

Printed books, not dead yet!

With all the play ebooks are getting lately, you’d think that printed, physical or pbooks are a thing of the past… thank goodness they are not… at least according to this report.

ebooks / pbooks???

A short story:

When my son was small, I had him do a book report a week. We’d go to the library and select the historical bios, you know the ones… 36 pages big type hardcover with basic info about a famous person.
Well, there are only so many of them out there and eventually we ran out of books of that kind. My son was an avid comic book reader… like most kids I’m thinking. So I had him write about the comic book…for me, the most important part of any early teaching on writing a report is that they understand how to read and gather info then write it out. The comic book was perfect for this.

Back to ebooks / pbooks… as my story examples, as long as kids/people are reading and learning the how to of comprehension and gathering of knowledge, the vehicle they start with needs to be comfortable, the easy in for them as with anything of first time learning.

Scholastic publishes the Kids & Family reading Report, they asked 6-17yr olds and their parents about reading habits and if they had a preference as to ebooks or pbooks.

I found the results interesting and in parts a smile came over my face … “…liked ebooks so their friends didn’t know what they were readinfg…” was one place.

Over all looks like a happy dance is going on in favor of pbooks… and once all the kids out there have readers… well, technology is changing things for all of us. Be sure to consider your book, whether it’s for children or adults, non-fiction, fiction or picture book and how it’s going to be read, used or… I offer consulting for just such questions and happy to hear from you.

Take a look at the Social Times article.

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