QR Code for Tracking Your Book Access

QR Codes are getting around in many places.


What is a QR Code?

A Quick Response or QR Code is a smart phone app readable bar code that stores a website URL that will connect to a page on your book or business site and could be a great book promotion trick.

Do a search for how to create one and I’ll place the QR Code image file that will point to any URL that you want. This can be placed on the back or inside of your book; any printed materials like a business card, postcard, banner or on a web page.

I use the QR Reader that is available free for the iphone, I’m sure other smart phones have them available too. Check out the apps search on yours and try them out.

I recently placed a QR Code on a postcard that connected to a page where pricing was for an art show I had. Since I have a WordPress site and stats, I was able to follow just how many hit accesses I had to that page.

Just one more item that you can use in the promotion of your book, business or product.

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