Reviews…how they help move your book sales

Amazon and most other book sales sites depend on the reveiws buyers give to the books that are listed…so…list some…there is absolutely no reason why you shouldn’t post a review of your own book!

Extend your opinion to possible readers…don’t let your book just sit there waiting for a review…take the initiative and put the first one up yourself.

The websites algorithm examines the number of reveiew and rank of the reviews when determining exposure levels… and we all know what that means!

Call your friends, family, anyone you know to submit a review and make them 5-star reviews, and state that your book was informative and helpful or any other appropriate words that will motivate that next person out there looking to buy your book. The Amazon computer likes books that receive 5-star and considered helpful information.

Solicit reviews from others, after you write a review for yours begin writing reviews on all the books you’ve read and post to their listings rememebering to mention your book in the review…(for example, “this review by the author of –name of your book here— or also recommended by the author of — name of book and info —-