Social Media, Creating a Connection

Creating a connection with your friends on facebook.

What I had for breakfast... I shared in a photo

My breakfast post got both likes and comments, the numbers could have increased if I had more time to dialogue today with the people that “liked” it.

Posting this was easy to do. I took the photo with my iphone, then used  my facebook app to upload, comment on it and it was done. Then I waited.

I like facebook for the interaction that I can generate through the “comments” and “like” option aspects it offers. I’ve continued the activity of growing comments by asking questions relating to the image or statement I’ve made to the people who have only “liked” the post. I engage them in the conversation…ask why, when etc.

I have a friend that thinks that the “like” link is miss used as if the post is about something sad, bad, mad that “liking” it doesn’t make sense.  I pointed out to them that the “like” is used in a broader sense of the action being “acknowledgement” of what is being shared. A letting the person who posted know I saw their thought.

Social Media offers many opportunities for sharing and “begin there” through the actions of posting and commenting.

Each of us have our own special way of communicating, connecting. It might take a little time but once you find it you can multiply it into the action of listening from the people you connect to. They will start watching for your posts without realizing it, they now trust what you share and they look forward to “hearing” from you.

Two  important parts of any social media plan are 1.) to do it regularly and find your “share” then 2.) work it.