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Branding:Promotion: Securing and setting your Facebook page name…

If you have a facebook account this might not matter to you but if you don’t and are planning to set one up… this is a little note to keep in mind.

You set up your account and then after 25 friends you can set your URL especially for you. Now, here’s the interesting part. The account name is what people on facebook will see and search for. The URL username is what SEO on the internet will search for.

Example: this is how I did it for Continue reading

BOOK DESIGN: Are You Using WordPress as your website software?

In our world of “having to have a website” we are now faced with the HOW? AND there is one software that has made that a very easy and do-able possibility. WordPress. Now anyone can have a site in just minutes. And if you are looking for more control of your data, be sure to set up your own hosting account to link your website URL.

WordPress offers both a community based website/blog or the option to upload the software to your own server, which gives you more control of your data. BUT, there is one specific item to really remember…

KEEP your software updated and your database backed-up! You will be notified within the program when new software versions are available. Often the updates need to Continue reading

New Book: Powerful or Powerless by Georgia Prescott

“Powerful or Powerless” A Spiritual, Not Religious, Look At The 12 Steps

This book was written for:
•  People confused by how to admit powerlessness over their addiction and become powerful in their lives.
•  Spiritual coaches who are dealing with people who don’t want to name and claim a disease.
•  People who don’t want any part of the God stuff.
•  Family and friends of alcoholics who aren’t ready for sobriety yet.

Rev. Georgia Prescott is the founding minister of the Center For Spiritual Awareness in West Sacramento, CA and has been involved in the recovery movement for over 35 years. A dynamic and compassionate counselor, she is known for her storytelling and down to earth style.

ISBN 13: 978-0-9826817-0-1
Self Help

Holocaust Exposed by Nigel Woodley


My phone rang one day and Nigel was on the other end… from New Zealand! What a joy he was to work with, very upbeat but on a mission… his cover needed to be done NOW! The printer was waiting.

“Nigel Woodley has been the pastor of the Flaxmere Christian Fellowship in Hastings, New Zealand since 1982. …….  It took him years to build up the courage to write such a significant book about the Holocaust, ever wanting to be sensitive to those who suffered during those terrible years. But now the time has arrived. The result is a book he feels will educate the Christian, speak to the Jew, and enlighten all people of every culture regarding the darkest period in the history of the human race.” (taken from his website http://www.holocaustexposed.co.nz/)  “God is in the book!” is Nigel’s declaration.

Remember, do something everyday toward your book and promotion.
Karrie Ross Book Designer, Branding and Self-Publishing Consutling

'82 Mystery by Richard Wood

82mystery_med3DRichards enthusiasm reflects his passion for writing and reading. His creativity has extended to a new concept that actually intends to get young adults to read and participate in the story…  ’82 Mystery “Nothing is more dangerous than the human mind.”

Based on a true experience, the novel, ’82 Mystery, recounts a story of life and death dealing with drugs, tragedy, and secrets that must be kept, taking place in Massachusetts during the ‘80’s.

The author, R.M. Wood, from a love of reading, has created a website that is geared to promote the novel and reward those who interact with the website with a cash prize.  Those who log on to the website score points for leaving comments, posting reviews, and taking part in many other activities.  On a given date, whoever has the most points wins a cash prize. —Richard Wood, Author

ISBN:  978-0-692-00454-8

Remember, do something everyday toward your book and promotion.
Karrie Ross Book Designer, Branding and Self-Publishing Consutling

In Darkness Light Dawns by Lisa M.S. Barrow


“Speak up for those who cannot speak for themselves.”  —PROVERBS 31:8

Lisa Barrow fights for others. She has taken an uncomfortable situation and created a platform for Workplace Bullying, bring it out of darkness into light through her coaching and consulting ….  and now her book “In Darkness Light Dawns” shares her stories and solutions for any one who needs help.

“If you are an organizational leader or politician, I ask you to listen with an open mind to my appeals for legislation and policies that protect employees from workplace bullies. You can no longer ignore the problem of workplace bullying, which contributes to the illness and death of many employees.

I wrote this book with urgency, because of my deep concern for people who are hurting. I also wrote with gratitude, because of my deep appreciation for blessings received.” —Lisa M.S. Barrow, Author

ISBN: 978-0-615-31142-5

Remember, do something everyday toward your book and promotion.
Karrie Ross Book Designer, Branding and Self-Publishing Consutling

Dissing Xmas by Brenda L. Barnes

DisXmas_CVR_3D_72webBrenda Barnes had a vision she just had to write about… and that vision is “Dissing Xmas” a book of short tips and thoughts for consideration concerning the Holiday season. Her vision took her to an over turned cart of presents…”Dissing Xmas” is short and sweet and many of it’s messages hit home for any time of year, holiday or not.

“Once Americans discover that Xmas really won’t be ruined if a super-hyped item isn’t acquired, wrapped, and delivered on December 25th  or an expensive, overbooked flight isn’t taken on December 24th, then a richer, purer, and less frenzied holiday may emerge.” —Brenda Barnes, Author

ISBN: 978-0-615-32892-8   info@splashempublishing.com

Remember, do something everyday toward your book and promotion.
Karrie Ross Book Designer, Branding and Self-Publishing Consutling

Propology 101 by Greg Palmer

Props_CVR-3D_72webGreg was a pleasure to work with on his book “Propology 101” and his website. He shares his  journey through his own search for a prop-less world.

PROPOLOGY: The science or study of the origin, development, organization and functioning of using props to establish ones status, lifestyle, or character, or desired portrayal of such.

“My goal is to pose to you some very simple questions, and provide you with some information and tools that will help you answer them. Why do you make the choices you make? Are the Props in your life really defining you? Are you living for yourself? Or, are you doing what you think you should be doing? Most importantly; what is it that you really want to do? And what is holding you back from doing that? Enjoy the journey!” —Greg Palmer, Author

ISBN-13: 978-1-61623-518-5  http://www.propology101.com

Remember, do something everyday toward your book and promotion.
Karrie Ross Book Designer, Branding and Self-Publishing Consutling