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Book Cover Design: How Long Does it Take…time?

Time encompasses all parts of our lives. Process depends on time. Time determines what our experience will be.
I get asked a lot about time. Especially the time it will take to design the book cover.

As you begin the journey of self publishing you enter a new world, one that is exciting and confusing at the same time. You are learning all the new words and meanings…then… it’s time for the book cover design and there is more information this time specific to design, technology and process specifics.

You learn that there is a process of design. Of concept. Of experience. Each book has a life. This life is created within the writing of its pages and the mind of the author. The author relates their vision to the designer. Depending on how specific this vision is will determine the time it will take for your cover to become real. Some covers will take 7 days, others 3 weeks.

Together we’ll talk about the final result the author wants, who they want to see it and ead it. How it will impact their business…

This time designing a book cover can be a time of excitement. A time of learning about the new terms and technology. A time when any anxiety you might have going on will disappear by the time the process is complete, and it will become an experience you’ll be happy to experience again.

Articles I found in the News

I get sent links all the time and I thought I’d pass this set along to you. Keeping up on what’s going on can add insight to your book promotion ideas or just reference material for conversations and business!
6 Hilarious Ways Game Designers Are Screwing With Pirates
“Airport Security – A True Story” by Stephanie Osborn
“Amazon Rolls Out ‘Sunshine Deals’ For Publishers To Test E-Book Pricing” by Laura Hazard Owen
“What Do Amazon’s E-Book Sales Mean for the Future of Books?” by Alex Knapp
“What Works: Promo for Ebooks” by Joe Konrath
WordPress.com – Step-by-Step Tutorial on How to Blog

Add your own links to interesting articles in the comment box below… and thanks for sharing.

Book Design: Now what was that phrase again…? Finding the lost words.

screenshot ©netspeak.org

I just heard about this site http://www.netspeak.org that finds words that finish phrases for you… all you do is type in the part you remember and a symbol suchs as ?  *  {   }  [  ] and it’s little wheel starts spinning and poof there is a list of completions for you to choose from.

I wonder if they have an app?

I know when I write I don’t always remember the phrases I’d like to use and tell stories about… this will come in handy.

Do you know of any other tools that might add to the writing experience? Let us know in the comments box on the post page.


The British Library Presents a Rich History of Science Fiction…


Screen shot from ©the guardian.co.uk

For those who love the fiction…book.. the Guardian UK put together a visual piece on the exhibition at the British Library spotlighting Science Fiction.

By bringing a well rounded appreciation of all books into our lives we get to experience the fullness of the learning they have to give us, either directly or indirectly the affect is there. The ability to tell a story in fiction when read allows our thinking to extend out into the ability of presenting concepts in the non-fiction world of business and coaching and teaching and motivation. But then… I feel a closeness to the SciFi….

I was raised with Science Fiction all around me. My Dad collected it starting sometime in 1929 or so. The garage walls were lined with book shelves filled with Amazing, Astounding, Ray Bradbury, H.G. Wells, and more.

I fell in love with the images, my sister the stories. I didn’t read SciFi until my late 20’s I was more interested in the mysteries my Mother collected when I was young. I came from a family of readers, mental exploration.

Over the years I came to realize the power of the SciFi stories, the way they opened our minds to the awareness of a future to us that is yet to happen, or a new perspective of the now we might not have seen…  the gadgets and social interaction and vision only the imagination can create. The hopes and dreams fulfilled in a fantasy world of what is make believe now but may someday be part of a reality.

How are your book experiences affecting your writing, your view of the world and how to change it through your work…? Have you explored the what is possible…

Tell me about it in the comments box provided on the post page…

Book Titles – Where do they come from?

I get asked a lot about book titles, the “How do I develop one and know if it’s a good one?” question.

I’ve found when I’m asked to help with the title, I go through a series of questions with the author, digging deep into the why, how, what motivated them to write the book in the first place… then we dialogue and I usually am the ‘devils advocate’ coming up with as many arguments, ahem, questions, as possible so we flush out what the underlying concept is. the process I use can be different for each client that asks for this service. We all have a different way or system that we think and I elicit from the author theirs.


For sure one way is to write down a bunch and have people vote, another way is to go through the manuscript looking for ‘themes’ and writing them down, also any re-occurring words and then haul out the Thesaurus and create a whole other list.

Then, start creating phrases of 3-5 words, short preferable. Look at them over and over and keep reworking them until you get what you want. Hopefully, from a designers point of view, there will be some ‘meat’ in the title to assist with the sell. I’ve know a book to be written with one title and end up with a totally different one when it’s done. .. kind-a like a movie script!

And, of course, keeping in mind who the audience is for you book. What are their interests, mind-set, demographic, etc that are another part of the equation.

Your BookCoverDesigner.com

Book Fulfillment & Storage: Warehousing Space

Storage and Fulfillment for Your Books

I receive many different emails concerning services and suppliers for self publishing authors and companies. I don’t usually respond but this one is about a subject that has come up for several of my clients in the past so I figured it would be good information for all.

I also know that in some areas, local charities, Salvation Army, and Goodwill, etc. also offer different services for product assembly and fulfillment…so check locally as well.

Please remember to do your own research on companies that offer any services. My posting of this information is just that, information. Please personally verify them for quality. This is not a recommendation, it is letting you know they exist.

Remember, keep doing something every day toward your book and promotion.

Karrie Ross
Your Book Designer


Good morning,

My name is Jeff Stotts. I manage the warehouse for the Free Methodist Church Headquarters (10th and High School Rd , Indianapolis, In, by the airport.) We have warehouse space available. We are able to receive bulk skids of material, break them into orders, pick, pack, and meter packages up to 150lbs. We also have mailing equipment for bulk mailings. If any of these services would benefit your company, please let me know.

Jeffrey A Stotts
FMCNA, Warehouse Manager
770 N High School Rd, Indianapolis In 46214


Since 1969 Whitehurst & Clark Book Fulfillment
100,00 sq ft facility
Back End Fulfillment (pick/pack/shipping) 5% of net
Pallet Storage: $9.00 per pallet per month

Whitehurst & Clark Book Fulfillment
1200 County Rout 523
Flemington, NJ 08822
Brad 800-488-8040

Promotion: Taking Care of your Audience with Your Blogging.

How many of you have a blog… AND use it regularly? I know this might be an old question for a lot of you and I hope you have a blog going and keep it alive… but for those of you who don’t know the value… A blog can be a win/win all around… for both you and your readers.

Your blog is the friendly introduction your clients need. The information you share is their window into who you are, your values and your way of thinking. Your possible clients will be seeing you from your mind point of view and making a decision to buy or not to buy.

Here are some  items to keep in mind when you are blogging:

  • basic content: What will you be writing about? Your book, product or service? Your thoughts and findings? Latest news on the subjects of your profession?
  • list of resources: begin gathering your own resources to follow and gather information from to blog about. Believe me, this is an indispensable part of blogging.
  • interviews and post them on your site: These interviews are great if they come from you, but remember, these can be youtube.com videos of people who you feel represent a way of Continue reading

BOOK DESIGN: Why Getting Ownership of Your Cover Design is Important.

Be sure to own your cover files and all art and creative rights… not just copyright.. but actual rights to the work done. Be sure the designer you use is working as work-for-hire…therefore you own the rights to the artwork created. Most designers assign the rights on final payment but some might keep the rights whether you’ve paid or not… be sure to get it straight in the beginning.

ALSO, just as important is being sure you receive all the files that were used to create your cover, not just a final pdf. You need the source layout files, image and photoshop psd layered files if any, and eps.

Be sure that you include you owning the rights and receiving all the files, in any agreement or contract you sign.

Book Cover Design Ideas for Authors About Writing Books!

I get many calls from authors…all writing their ideas, their passion, their life, their experiences. And what the book cover design idea could be for their book.

This is one of the most powerful parts of being an author and writing. The act of sharing your stories with the rest of us. The ability to decide on what your book cover design idea will be that best gets your ideas about your target subject out to the rest of the world.

If you find you are having writers block you might try talking into a recorder and then having it transcribed. Take a look at other books in your category and consider what makes your content different, what are the talking points and how would you “image” that?

This is one way many authors I know get through the tough parts. You’ll still need to edit it but at least you’ll have something to start with.

BOOK DESIGN: 3 Questions to Consider For Creating Artful Book Cover Designs

Book cover design is an art! The art of catching attention, enticing the viewer to pick up your book, buy it and ultimately read it! Taking the time and learning about this art can add to the impact your book will have whether you plan to go the self publishing route or are picked up by a major publisher. All of this equates out into perceived value and the know, like and trust factor your cover creates for its market banding.

Good book cover design helps sell books! This is why we go to such lengths to have them professionally designed. I’ve been asked many times my professional opinion on if I thought a book cover was good or bad… to which I respond, they are different. That good or bad is subjective to the viewer. However, there are elements, when used or not used, that can be considered good or bad.

Here are 3 Questions to ask yourself when considering what constitutes an artful book cover design?

  1. What is its eye appeal? Selecting the appropriate color, typeface and image for your audience will increase pick-up value.
  2. Who is your audience? By knowing what your audience likes, where their attention goes, you are able to write a title and sub-title that will fit their listening.
  3. Does your subject have ‘come-back-power’? An added value to your readers is if they can continue to learn from you over time.

So in the process of creating an artful book cover design, a professional book cover designer uses every bit of knowledge they can so that the cover has immediate appeal to the viewer. There are so many books out there today where the value of being transparent and available over time is considered a plus. More  information on book design.

Please take the time to contact Me about your self-publishing book design project.
Phone: 424-340-2000
Let’s see what we can do together to make it the best book possible…

If you don’t find the answer to your questions here, please Contact me and lets start your project today.


Case Study: I want to publish my printed book as Kindle, what is the best way to make changes?

To recap the conversation: You want to make changes to your printed book so you can publish it for Kindle and are not sure of the best way to do so. You have your original Word .doc for your printed book, and want to know if you can make the changes there for both printed and Kindle books.


We discussed the following.

  • MS Word creates a text file that is used to write your manuscript. **This file, text, is a flowing representation of your text.
  • The text file is sent to a book designer to professionally format Continue reading

Branding:Promotion: Securing and setting your Facebook page name…

If you have a facebook account this might not matter to you but if you don’t and are planning to set one up… this is a little note to keep in mind.

You set up your account and then after 25 friends you can set your URL especially for you. Now, here’s the interesting part. The account name is what people on facebook will see and search for. The URL username is what SEO on the internet will search for.

Example: this is how I did it for Continue reading

Books: What to do with old books? Here's a thought…

Ever wonder what happens to those big-olde reference books? Well this photo shows one way, with the reminder of why they are there, written on their end so no one decides to remove one…“These books are here for an essential structural purpose. They are not for sale.”

Hopefully shoppers can see that they are holding up the shelf above! Great idea and visually engaging. Interesting way to send a message.

Remember, do something every day toward your book and promotion.
Karrie Ross,  Book Designer , Coach and Consulting

BOOK DESIGN: Are You Using WordPress as your website software?

In our world of “having to have a website” we are now faced with the HOW? AND there is one software that has made that a very easy and do-able possibility. WordPress. Now anyone can have a site in just minutes. And if you are looking for more control of your data, be sure to set up your own hosting account to link your website URL.

WordPress offers both a community based website/blog or the option to upload the software to your own server, which gives you more control of your data. BUT, there is one specific item to really remember…

KEEP your software updated and your database backed-up! You will be notified within the program when new software versions are available. Often the updates need to Continue reading

New Book: Powerful or Powerless by Georgia Prescott

“Powerful or Powerless” A Spiritual, Not Religious, Look At The 12 Steps

This book was written for:
•  People confused by how to admit powerlessness over their addiction and become powerful in their lives.
•  Spiritual coaches who are dealing with people who don’t want to name and claim a disease.
•  People who don’t want any part of the God stuff.
•  Family and friends of alcoholics who aren’t ready for sobriety yet.

Rev. Georgia Prescott is the founding minister of the Center For Spiritual Awareness in West Sacramento, CA and has been involved in the recovery movement for over 35 years. A dynamic and compassionate counselor, she is known for her storytelling and down to earth style.

ISBN 13: 978-0-9826817-0-1
Self Help

New Book: Mom and Dad, Can I have the keys to the Universe? by Yvonne Aileen

“This book is The Secret for parents.”  — Lisa Harrington, mother of two teenage daughters

Blending ancient truths with new discoveries in quantum physics and heart and brain research, “Mom and Dad, Can I Have the Keys to the Universe?” is a practical, step-by-step guide for parents who want to help their children reach for the stars—and claim them.
Help your child create:
•  A mindset for success
•  A rock-solid self image
•  A viable map to their dreams

Yvonne Aileen is a mother, author, and transformational speaker. She is creator of “I Can Do Anything” seminars, taught throughout the U.S. and Canada, which help teens and preteens learn how to apply Law of Attraction principles in their lives.
Ms. Aileen lives in Portland, Ore., with her sons, Max and Sam, their miniature Schnoodle, Sadie, and “frequently rotating aquarium fish.”

Parenting/New Age/Spirituality
ISBN: 978-0-9824194-1-0