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Book Fulfillment & Storage: Warehousing Space

Storage and Fulfillment for Your Books

I receive many different emails concerning services and suppliers for self publishing authors and companies. I don’t usually respond but this one is about a subject that has come up for several of my clients in the past so I figured it would be good information for all.

I also know that in some areas, local charities, Salvation Army, and Goodwill, etc. also offer different services for product assembly and fulfillment…so check locally as well.

Please remember to do your own research on companies that offer any services. My posting of this information is just that, information. Please personally verify them for quality. This is not a recommendation, it is letting you know they exist.

Remember, keep doing something every day toward your book and promotion.

Karrie Ross
Your Book Designe


Good morning,

My name is Jeff Stotts. I manage the warehouse for the Free Methodist Church Headquarters (10th and High School Rd , Indianapolis , In, by the airport.) We have warehouse space available. We are able to receive bulk skids of material, break them into orders, pick, pack, and meter packages up to 150lbs. We also have mailing equipment for bulk mailings. If any of these services would benefit your company, please let me know.

Jeffrey A Stotts
FMCNA, Warehouse Manager
770 N High School Rd, Indianapolis In 46214

Book Cover Design: Promoting Your Book With Articles…

How does one promote their book? “Persistence and determination” are the best ways.

I suggest you plan to do two or three things on an ongoing basis, you’ll find this will eventually bring you the notoriety you are looking for.

Articles are one of the first and best ways for getting noticed.

The 5 Tip format is as follow:

1. create an outline – list several important points of relatedness from your book to current news and events

2. create a title that covers several keywords relating to the subject you’ve choosen

3. think about what is next for your audience to be interested in

4. take your list and explain 2-3 of the points in greater detail

5. determine what your audiences’ desires are and write a little about how your book can help

People want more information, and if you offer them easy ways to get it, they will respond with interest.

No matter what your subject, writing articles will help you take the first step to promoting your book.

Book Cover Design: Twitter… interesting for the person on the go…

Whoever “created” twitter certainly had their finger on the pulse of the world marketers and business people.

Only allowing 140 character posts at a time really gets you to consolidate your message. I’m finding it a lot of fun… and it’s a good way for you to get the word out for your own book, product, service or company. It does take time but there are programs that will assist you in it’s management and if you connect it to your blog and facebook accounts you can have it auto-tweet when you make a post.

There are many people out the who are specializing in how to us twitter… do a search and start your account today.

I invite you to join my tweeting at http://www.twitter.com/bookcoverdesign and click around and get your own thing going

What Goes on the Back Cover of a Book? Please Tell Me!

Book covers are just one part of the book design process. Ask yourself, what part does the back cover play in the sale of my book? It’s said the cover design brings them in, it’s the hook….and the back cover sells them. Here is a list of what’s needed for the back cover…. and be sure to ask me about more option info once begin your project

Parts to Your Books Back Cover: Use for fiction or non-fiction…
the bullet points are mostly for non-fiction.

1. Category and price.

2. Headline

3. First paragraph

4. Sub heading and Bullet list

5. The closing paragraph

6. Author Photo and Bio

7. Testimonial

8. Signature

9. Barcode

Finding the time to research your market and get info from others can help you determine the best ways to move forward. I offer consulting sessions for self publishing authors with topics of discussion on; book size, promotion, branding and marketing and answer the important questions you might have.







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