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Having a Professional Book Design for your Cover and Interior

The Importance of having a Professional Book Design for  your Cover and Interior Congratulations!  You finally finished writing your very first book and are ready to make a fortune by offering it to the public.  You have spent countless hours with research, typing, proofreading, editing, and re-editing to create the most informative and engaging publication imaginable.  All you have to do is slap a cover on it and post an advertisement on Amazon, and the money will start rolling in. ...

Book Interior: Typefaces and Readability of your Book's Interior

The interior of your book is just as important as the cover.  In fact, it just might be more important. For me, the design of the book's interior is liken to... "getting the book to speak to the reader, while being a soundless physical page." Once your book is purchased you’ll need to hold the readers attention. Certainly good content has a lot to do with it. Good editing and proofing as well. But the real reading is done from the typography that is set… designed, formatted, sized and...
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