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Amazon and Google … offer lots!

Seems that Amazon and Google offers authors so much now in the way of Marketing their books. Be sure to check out all their services. Especailly the reviewing of other books, and list making. Never know whats going to push your book over the top.

Your Manuscript…typing not like it used to be…!

When we were taught typing on a regular typewritter we were told to double space after a period “.” but with computers this might cause problems when typesetting your book with a professional designer. You see, type is programmed to allow extra space automatically after periods and if you put in two spaces then you might have more space than you need depending on the final typeface being used. I find that omitting the extra space helps the manuscript read better. However, I do suggest you keep the two spaces if an “A” begins the next sentence…it just works better! I know, so many things to remember… after the first time this happens and you have to go back and omit all the extra spaces I promise you, you won’t do it again! That is of course assuming you don’t like the extra space…some people do…it’s of course your preference! For a sample Go to:One Space vs. Two Space Sample


Reproducing Charts, Graphs and Tables in your book

Most manuscripts I receive have the charts, graphs, tables already made exactly the way the author wants them so sometimes redoing them can be not only costly but unsettling. Most of the time they are able to be exported from MS Word, Excel or Corel as jpgs or eps files exactly the way they were created and look good in reproduction.

Bulleted and numbered lists, fractions, special characters would be good to be tagged/notated on your final manuscript to your designer.

Be sure to consult with your book designer when the time comes… they can really help you with the process.

The How To Of Knowing Your Audience For Your Book Cover Design

When designing your book cover the first part of the puzzle is to know your audience. This is the first in a series of three articles based on creating an artful cover, motivating title, and return value-added information to increase the promotion for your books’ sales.

Learning who the books’ audience is and what’s their focus is the first part of the information we put into the recipe of designing the cover. I look at each book cover as a puzzle and it’s up to me, through questioning, to determine the correct fit for the pieces. Once you know the who, what, and where of your audience, you are able to write a title and subtitle that will fit their focus.

1. Who is your audience? This will be determined by the subject of your book. What you are looking for is, age, location, affiliations if any. Is there anything that is unique about them as a group?

2. Do you know what your audience likes? It helps if you have something in common with them, after all, you did write the book. Get into their shoes, what are the benefits to them from buying your book?

3. Where does their attention go? What are they looking to gain? What is
their pain or joy? What are their motivators? Are their related subjects that can be created from the book? Can you create “come-back power” in extended material?

Once you have this information the process of brainstorming will be your best move. Begin with writing your answers to each of the questions. Looking on line, in niche magazines etc are all good places to begin your research.

Your BookCoverDesigner.com

Effective book marketing

Magazine, Newspaper, mailers, and Television advertising is expensive. More often than not, it’s also fruitless for most first-time authors. The return on investment for these forms of book marketing is usually dismal without a brand name or established hype to supplement it. The general exception to this, is in support of scheduled personal appearances such as book signings or speaking engagements.

Websites on the other hand, can be very inexpensive to build and maintain, and if done right can help you connect to an audience of millions. Googles Blogger and Continue reading

The power of blogs…

The potential of blogs for the book author who is struggling to grow a readership is simply staggering. So far in the news, it’s been more a case of bloggers being catapulted into the role of book author, but the reverse shows equal promise of becoming the next big thing for self publishing authors. Book marketing and publicity is all about access; an interesting, well run, and frequently updated blog can achieve an audience of immense proportions for your material, and for little or no financial investment.

Blogging can be thought of as a continuous conversation of sorts, a conversation that propagates throughout the Internet by word of mouth in the form of links or emails between interested readers. What separates it from the static web pages we’re used to seeing, is an informal, more intimate exchange Continue reading

Why it's important to be exact with your release date…

We all admire being on time… especially if “it” the event etc is important to us.
How much more important is being correct than with the release date of your book?

“tell me exactly when I’m going to get it.” so I can plan Continue reading

Using cartoons in your book cover design

Book Design: Use of Cartoons

Your book cover is more than you see…it’s what you think as well. More than once a new publisher has come Continue reading

Making the most of your Book Cover Design

Another suggestion on how to make you book stand out from the others… use different paper types, embossing, foil stamping, die cuts, and special PMS call out colors all help make your cover be noticed.

Quality perceived and real is worth every cent you might spend on the process…so when having your cover designed, ask your professional book cover designer or me… about what’s possible for your cover.

Remember, there are some ‘special’ items are not possible with digital printing but are very available with offset.


How Do I Find A Great Title For My Book?

Finding a great title for your book can be one of the most challenging yet satisfying processes you will go through. The title is the purpose of your book and very important that it presents your book’s subject in the best way possible. It needs to grab your audiences attention, make them question and think and act by picking up the book and start reading and eventually purchase.

I begin asking questions of the author, making them go deep into their subconscious to dig up the answers to their who, what, where, when, why, how questions.

I ask them to begin a list of what best describes their way of looking at their book and its subject. Then I request that they talk and talk, while I listen and together we pick out the gems to begin the title development.

Sometimes the author creates a list of test titles they like and have friends comment. I’m not a fan of this being used as the only way to get a title created, but it is a good way for some authors to begin.

I read the preface, introduction and whatever parts of the book I need to, to get my mind working on questions and watch for them to develop from the reading. It’s amazing how when we read we ask ourselves questions that we’re not even aware we are asking.

Contact me to learn more about my book design, interior formatting, web presences AND consulting services.

Celebrity Testimonials

Celebrity Testimonials
Book Design: Celebrity Testimonials
Get those “more-bang-for-your-buck’ testimonials for your back cover…This online database contains contact information for celebrities managers, agents and more…for over 54,000 celebrities and public figures worldwide.

Childrens Books – writing and illustrating

Other related subject: Childrens Books
I just found the neatest group for those of us who dabble in writing… childrens books! It’s a national organization as well as local groups. They are SCBWI, the Society of Children’s Book Writers and Illustrators

They offer events, discussion boards, local groups and lots of other things that can be of help on the way to writing a childrens book.

I attended the local So. Cal Smooze and was very happy with the experience. Find one near you.



Remember do something every day toward the production and promotion of your book, service, product and company and then contact me to help move it further faster.



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Book Cover Dustjacket Design

Book Design: Paper choice for Book Cover

When designing your book cover consider the Paper you’ll use. Most are glossy, laminate, UV, etc., but have you really looked and felt them all…? Some are a delightful linen or uncoated stock that for, the right book, can really bring home another ‘sense’ to the reader. And for your paperbacks… be sure to get samples from the printer on 10 or 12 pt CS1 stock… the weight makes a difference too.

Typefaces and the readability of your interior

The interior of your book is just as important as the cover.

Once your book is purchased you’ll need to hold the readers attention. Certainly good content has a lot to do with it. Good editing and proofing as well.

But the real reading is done from the type that is set… formatted, sized and styled to hold the readers attention and make them feel comfortable and not want to put your book down. We have been “taught” by exposure to feel comfortable with reading a typeface with “little feet” otherwise know as serifs. Typefaces such as Times Roman and Garamond are know as serif faces and when used for your interior text will give your reader an easy read. Typefaces such as Ariel and Futura are known as sanserif (without little feet) and are best used for heads, subheads or chart and graphs.

Be sure to request test pages of your text layout for your approval before your book is formatted.

Book Design: The 2008 Olympics and What It Has in Common with Writing…

It seems like the Olympic trials 2008 was just yesterday, yet it was weeks away. It comes every 4 years and we all gather around watching top athletes do their thing… their passion and excellence showing in every breath they take.

They’ve worked hard for this, studied, researched and practiced over and over the skills necessary to succeed…and place for their category. Most likely this has been a lifetime goal, to be a participant in the Olympics, to belong to that special group.

As an author you too have your own special Olympics. The book you are writing takes special preparation. Over time your book becomes a bigger part of you and your life. You find that you think about your subject and the next piece of information you will share. You are following your passion.

Keep it up. Create the passion that makes you a gold metal winner too!

Enjoy the journey!

Book Design: 7 Questions to Ask For What to Do About the Sales and Promoting of Your Book…

What is it about the prospect of having to sell and promote our new book design that makes us think we don’t know anything? We wake up to the process of sales every day. It begins with us asking what we’re going to wear and progresses into who we talk to at work. The process of creating rapport, stating benefits and follow though with each action we take… which is really all aobut the sales or promotion of us! Think about it?

So, lets take a few minutes to see what that might mean to our book?

1. Is the topic interesting?

2. Have we shared benefits throughout the text?

3. Have we taken the time to really show we care about how the book is perceived by having the cover and interior professionally designed?

4. Does the back cover pull the reader in?

5. Are we blogging?

6. Have we checked with local book stores?

7. Have we gathered relevant magazines?

These are just a few of the techniques needed to develop for the sales and marketing of our book… after all, it is our business card. Right?

And when you start thinking about all the ways you already unconsciously sell yourself… how hard can it be to do the same for your book? Thinking your book branding, marketing and promotion early on, getting a head start can make all the difference in the world to how you and your book move forward.